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Virtual Bloomsday = DONE!

YAY, I did my virtual Bloomsday run today. After much deliberation about how many miles I should walk today (reasons for that will be explained tomorrow), I eventually decided on 10.7 miles (I know, I know – not my standard 15 or 16…again, that will be explained tomorrow). But then I decided that since it wasn’t too hot out (and kind of cloudy) that I might as well use the shortened mileage to do my Bloomsday run today. So I walked for a bit and then ran the 7.46 miles (12k) to represent the Bloomsday distance.

I actually didn’t even run on the river path (a first for me!). The path is usually a LOT busier on the weekends, especially in the middle of the day. So I just ran behind the hospital, back behind the Children’s Hospital, towards campus, and a little bit north of that. The route wasn’t super hilly, but it definitely wasn’t flat, so I think that inflated my time a bit. But hey…the Bloomsday route isn’t flat and I’m sure whenever I’m able to do the Calgary Marathon that that route won’t be completely flat either.

So yeah! I should be getting my Bloomsday shirt in October sometime.

Hey so let’s do Bloomsday

Remember how I said yesterday that the virtual Bloomsday window had closed? Well, apparently they extended it to September 27.

So I signed up for that, too.

Now the question is: do I run Bloomsday “on its own” – as in, it 12k and be done with it – or do I just do one of my normal 14-mile runs and just take note of how long it takes me to hit 12k? The latter sounds like I’d be “cheating” even though I would be running the 12k like everyone else, but just burying it in a longer run. I definitely don’t want to bury it in my Calgary Half-Marathon run, though, because that WOULD be cheating.

At least, to me it would.