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(assuming I don’t, you know, die in my sleep tonight)



Did what? My 50-mile walk, that’s what! It took me 10:16 straight hours of walking, but it’s done.


Oh, and I totally didn’t go this route that I’d planned a while back. I just walked up and down the river path, up and down 17th, and then back home along 16th. Lots of back and forth. But it was better that way.

This was a pretty big deal for me. I wanted to prove to myself that I could walk 50 miles in a day, and I can.


Well now I HAVE to do it

So as you probably all know, I’ve been doing my “walk 15 miles six days a week” thing this year. I’ve been half joking that I’m going to try to get to 5,000 miles by the end of the year.

Then I found this out:

That distance? 4,989 miles.

And now I practically have to make it to 5,000 miles. Walking across the Pacific Ocean? Awesome. Especially since I walked across the Atlantic Ocean last year.

Counting today’s walk, I’m at 1,776.3 miles. That puts me about here:

Long way to go!


Walker: Texas Pedestrian

Alright, I have a new long-term goal.

I am going to try to walk the distance equivalent to the circumference of the earth. I say “long-term” because if I walk 2,000 miles in a year (which I’m going to say is probably my max, given school and related things), it will still take me 12.5 total years to walk the circumference (which is approximately 25,000 miles at the equator).

BUT IT WILL HAPPEN, DAMMIT! I’m starting with this year, meaning I’ll be done sometime in 2027, assuming I’m able to keep my yearly mileage around 2,000.

I still won’t be done blogging by 2027.


Let’s put my 10,000 Days goal into some perspective: I am approximately 25.5 years old. Do you know how many days I’ve been alive?

9,340, counting today.
Nine thousand, three hundred and forty days.

So if I had been blogging from the day I was born, I still wouldn’t have reached my goal yet.
That is like eight levels of psycho.

As it stands, I’ve got about 20 years of blogging to go before I hit 10,000 posts. That is a long, long time, my friends. Think it’ll happen? I hope so!

(Haha, sorry, I don’t have anything exciting to talk about today.)

Adding New Post

So one of my goals on my “101 in 1,001” list (which is actually like a “45 in 1,001” or something like that) is to go without dairy for a week. This may or may not seem like a difficult thing to do for you, but I like cheese and milk and have either one or the other (or both) every day.

This also means no M&Ms. I don’t know what that will do to me.

But yeah. Starting Monday, no dairy until the 9th.

Another goal on the list is to go without electricity for a week, but that’ll have to wait until I’m done with the thesis. Assuming I live that long.



Three things today.

1: I’m back in Vancouver.
2: I don’t want to be back in Vancouver.
2 ½: In fact, I almost didn’t get on the plane.
3: I have a new New Year’s Resolution: I’ve decided that I will download a new song every day of this year, no matter how far I will have to go to search for worthy ones (usually just to YouTube).

So yeah. Hopefully by December 31, 2010, I will have (at least) 365 new songs. I also edited yesterday’s entry to list the day’s song. This will be done each day, too.




Today’s song: Love Story by Taylor Swift