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Tattoo Idea:

There are like eight super nerd-tacular things that I am absolutely obsessed with. One of these things is the kilogram. So maybe I could get a tattoo that was related, somehow, to the kg. Like its new definition that is dependent on the Planck constant. That’d be pretty sweet.

But where would I put it? I think that’s my biggest issue with getting a tattoo (apart from, of course, not having a solid idea of the tattoo I want): where would I put it? On my arm? On my back? My shoulder? My ankle?

Who knows.

But the kilogram is a good idea, ‘cause hot damn, I love the ‘gram.

Tattoo Idea!


You know what would be a good idea for a tattoo for me? A tiny little odometer on my leg somewhere (like down by my ankle, maybe at the base of my calf) that shows how many miles I’ve walked since [insert year here, maybe 2014]. Every December I could get it updated.

Of course, I’m no tattoo expert, so I don’t know how easy (or feasible) it would be to re-ink-over a tattoo every year to change its appearance, but it’s a cool idea regardless.

At least I think so.




I’ve decided on my tattoo. Behold!



Why an integral sign?

  1. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love Leibniz. What better way to pay tribute to him in tattoo form than to get a tattoo of his symbol for integration? So it works on the level of Leibniz tribute.
  2. It also works on the level of my liking stats—after all, integration is used quite a bit in many statistical applications/techniques. And since that is the case, it saves me from having to pick a specific statistical formula or expression (which I could never do; I love them all!).
  3. I also just really like this symbol. I thought it was very elegant even before I knew that Leibniz came up with it.

It really does have a lot more meaning to me than I can express here, but I tried, haha. I think I’m going to try and plan it so that I get it done (or mostly done) on July 1st this summer.

‘Cause yeah.


Tats n’ Stuff

Okay fools, it’s time to get serious about this tattoo business.

I promised myself I could get a tattoo if I successfully finished my Masters degree. Since that degree was granted like 3 years ago now, you’d think I’d have my tattoo, right?


The thing that’s holding me back is probably the most important thing to consider when getting a tattoo: the tattoo design itself. Why? Well, the things I’m passionate enough about to have a representation of them permanently etched into my skin are things that really aren’t very easily tattooable.

Like statistics. That’s a broad field. Do I pick an equation or a theorem? Do I pick a statisticain’s name? Do I pick a distribution or a plot? I don’t think there’s any one particular topic in statistics I could narrow it down to as far as a tattoo goes. The best I’ve got is either a graph of a normal distribution or the pdf of the normal distribution.

Then there’s Leibniz. I love Leibniz. I would definitely get his name tattooed somewhere on me if I could figure out a) where, and b) a good design for it. I have a few basic ideas, but none of them are good enough. This is Leibniz we’re talking about, people.

I also really like color. There are a few of my drawings that I’ve considered for tattoos, but again, the problem is placement. How big should they be? Where would I want them? And there’s really not too much meaning behind any of my drawings. If I were to get this on my back or something:

Spectrum of the Swallowtail

I’d want there to be more meaning aside from “it’s colorful and I drew it.”

I’m actually really leaning towards this beautiful integral sign right now:


But who knows. Maybe one of these days I’ll draw a lemniscates worthy of Tattoo Land. And hopefully one day soon!


This is the closest thing to “possible tattoo” that I’ve drawn. I need some sort of ostentatious bell curve on my body.

Gaussian Rainbow


I feel weird today

I wonder how much pain would result from getting this as a tattoo?

Thinkin’ ‘bout the Inkin’

So it’s almost been a year since I almost died from an influx of anxiety attacks I defended my MA thesis. Way back in undergrad I promised myself a tattoo if I were to successfully get a Masters. Now that my diploma’s been sitting at the bottom of my drawer for almost 12 months now (okay, technically like six ‘cause I didn’t get it in the mail ‘till December), I have to get serious about this.


This drawing. ‘Cause it’s colors + infinity.

This drawing. Because it looks like a tattoo, you know? Also snakes.

If I were confident that people would still know what the hell R was by 2050, I’d totally get the R logo tattooed somewhere on me. Because come on, we manipulate and frustrate each other, yet we’re very close. We’re practically married.

A bell curve? The problem with that is it’d be hard to get the best design of it. I’d like a simple bell curve, but just a random arching curve might look weird no matter where I put it.

I’d still like to get “LEIBNIZ” scrolled across some part of my body, too, ‘cause dear god I love that man.

If I had any modicum of intelligence whatsoever, I’d be able to smoothly and beautifully combine stats, Leibniz, and color into one badass tattoo. But I don’t, so I can’t.

Bah. Suggestions?

People Get Poisoned. Distributions Get Poissoned.

I’ve been thinking about tattoo designs lately. I definitely want to do the Leibniz thing, but I don’t really have a good design for it yet. So I’ve been looking at all my old scribbles, and I think this

would be a pretty awesome tattoo. Just get it on my back, across my shoulder blades. Big and expensive as hell, but it’s rainbow and can be seen as either an infinity symbol or a mobius band of some sort (or both), so I dig it.

Using one of my own doodles also avoids the issue of my passions not being readily tattooable.

What do you think?


Today’s song: Alison by Jeremy Fisher

This just in: Maggie is a Pokémon

I know, I know, I should have known by now.

Yeah. Weirdest. Dream. Ever. It was so vivid, that’s what made it trippy. I think Matt, Rebeca, some other dude that I didn’t recognize but apparently knew, Nathan, Maggie, and myself were there. We were right behind the deli thing.

Why did we have a little handheld shopping basket full of bacon? Who knows.

Why did Maggie evolve into a Spearow? WHO KNOWS.

At first we were all, “wow, Maggie’s a Spearow” but that rapidly changed to “WHERE IS SHE TAKING OUR BACON.”




I also think I have decided what my first tattoo shall be. I’m thinking I’ll get a lambda, either on my back somewhere or on my shoulder. Why a lambda? Reasons:
1) It’s Greek. I like Greek and hope to learn it someday.
2) “Leibniz” starts with a lambda in Greek (duh).
3) Lambda is the symbol for eigenvalues, and while they’re evil to calculate, they’re necessary in FACTOR ANALYSIS, my absolute true love in the world of statistics.
4) It’s also a recurring symbol in Half-Life (just realized this), which is pretty awesome, too.

Yeah. It’s really one of the only ways I figure I can tie together my love for Leibniz and my love for factor analysis without tattooing “I love Leibniz and factor analysis!” on me somewhere.

Side note: the apartment’s MINE! I move in May 1st, but my mom’s going to come up on the 8th, as I can’t move my chair by myself, at least up several flights of stairs (the elevator is about the size of my current bathroom, which is too small for anything other than a broom closet).



Today’s song: The Great Escape by The Rifles