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Movie Throwback: Team America

So for whatever the hell reason, YouTube recommended a clip from the movie “Team America” for me today and I was having flashbacks to when this movie was prime ‘Murica satire back in like 2005/2006. I watched it with my friends quite a few times because we all thought it was great.

Anyway, I’d completely forgotten about this movie, but now that I’ve seen a few clips, I remember how wild it was. The puppets, oh my god.

It’s amazing how some things have changed since then and how some things have not changed at all.

Sigh of Sighs.

Dear United States:

Are you seriously risking pissing off North Korea because of one dumb little movie? Really? The movie theatre threats are probably something that’s best treated with caution whether they’re real or not, so it makes sense to pull the showings of The Interview, but is it really a threat to your freedom to do so? I mean, really? It’s a movie. It’s a political satire, and probably a bad one at that (if not, then at least one in bad taste). At least Team America was poking fun at US attitudes more than anything else, but The Interview really just sounds like its goal is to make fun of Kim Jong-un. Not the smartest thing to do.

You’re a big boy now, United States. Calm down, think before you act, and play nice with North Korea. Maybe just sit by yourself and read a book or something. Or go play hopscotch with Canada.


“My whereabouts are none of your concern,” said the Little Star as he twinkle-twinkled

Hey people! I wrote another quiz!
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Twelve results! I’m insane!

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My quizzes…my results

Well, since I made all these quizzes (4 of them) during the summer, I figured it’s about time for me to put my results up on here (along with the current stats of each quiz):


“What Member of Team America are You? (taken 45 times)


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There ya go! Now take them and post your results, dangit!

Quizzes are on fire!

Dude…my “Founding Fathers” quiz is on fire! Twenty-three people have taken it already! Because of this, I’m going to put up the link to…(drum roll)…

My TEAM AMERICA quiz! Holy crap!
So here you go

Have fun (especially you, E’raina! )!