Around the World in 2,206 Days

Today, I hit a huge walking milestone: since my first walk in Calgary on September 8, 2014, I have now walked a total of 24,901.46 miles. That is equivalent to the circumference of the earth at the equator!

As always, here are some stats:

  • Total number of walks: 1,938
  • Total steps: 56,171,859
  • Total time spent walking: 383,048.87 minutes, or 6,384.15 hours, or 266.00 days
  • Average walking distance (when averaged across the 1,938 walks): 12.849 miles
  • Average walking distance (if I had spaced out the distance over every single day): 11.29 miles

So that’s pretty cool, eh?

Boxplot of walk distances by year:

Boxplot of walk distances by month:

Boxplot of walk distances by day of the week:

(As if anyone cares)

Let’s start another trip around the world tomorrow!

One response

  1. Woot!!! Congratulations. That’s a shitload of steps. I’m surprised you have any toes at all! Hahaha


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