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Claudia’s 365 Days of Music: Year 8 – A Review

Holy crapples, it’s the eighth year of this music project. I’d have to say that 2017 has been the best year for music thus far, so let’s GET DOWN TO IT BITCHES and go for the end of the year music review.

Total songs: 365
Total time: 24 hours and 29 minutes
Total size: 2.54 GB
Mean song length: 4:02.25 

The Five Stars
Listed in order of acquisition!
Infectious by Tobu
Running Away by The Royal Foundry
Run for Cover by The Killers
Life by Tobu
Golden Dandelions by Barns Courtney

The five most beautiful/touching songs of the year:
Planet Earth II Suite by Hans Zimmer
Jupiter from “The Planets” for 5 Pianos by The 5 Browns
Desert Symphony by The Piano Guys
Beautiful Calgary by Jaimie Stewart
Paradis Perdus by Christine and the Queens

The Overall Top Five
Running Away by The Royal Foundry
What can I even say about this song? This song is perfection. PERFECTION. I heard it on an Alberta Energy YouTube ad and knew I had to have it. That SYNTH. That CHORUS. NNNNNF I LOVE ALL OF IT

Infectious by Tobu
There is so much energy and forward momentum in this song. It puts me in a walking mood, which is always a good indication that I really like a song. It also WHOMPS your eardrums when you play it loud enough, which is fantastic.

Golden Dandelions by Barns Courtney
I originally had this at number four behind Run for Cover, but I changed it just at the last minute because I can’t get enough of this song right now. There’s something otherworldly about his voice and the tone of this song that’s very unique. And catchy. And sing-along-able.

Run for Cover by The Killers
I mentioned this when I first downloaded this song in July, but there’s such an odd mood to this song that makes it so appealing. It’s got this like frantic, anxious urgency behind the lyrics that’s really hard to describe (“frantic, anxious urgency” doesn’t quite do it), but that’s really relatable somehow. I dig it.

Life by Tobu
Tobu and his energy-filled songs, yo. This one’s not nearly at the level of Infectious, but I love the way he layers the different components of his songs so that they build to an awesome mix at the end. Life is a really good example of that done very well.


High Resolution 2K16

So 2016 was an eventful year. BUT WAS IT EVENTFUL ENOUGH??    ? ? ??    ?                   ?

Let’s find out.

2016 resolutions:

  • ACCOMPLISHED: Get the thesis done and defended. This went a lot smoother than the 2011 version did.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Blogs: do them daily. Nailed it.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Musics: do them daily. Nailed it.
  • FAILED: Win NaNoWriMo 2016. Ha. I’m garbage.
  • SORT OF FAILED: Complete and format all my blog archives, in honor of this being my 10th year of blogging. Well, I managed to get all 10 years copied down into Word documents, but the formatting still hasn’t happened. But if Eigenblogger goes up in smoke for some reason, I’ve got backups of everything now.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Walk 2,000 miles. I actually did way more than this. I’ll talk about that on the 1st.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Win another TA award. I actually can’t remember if I won a regular TA award this year (I don’t think I did), but I did win the award for being one of the best TAs in the whole Faculty of Science, so that totally counts, right?
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Draw more. This is kind of subjective since I didn’t really specify what “more” was, but I do believe that I’ve done more drawing this year than I did in 2015.
  • FAILED: Improve my sign language. Maybe…be able to sign 200 phrases by the end of the year? Hahaha. Nope. But I do remember the few signs I taught myself at the beginning of the year.
  • FAILED: Keep writing. Work on Prime, mainly. And maybe a short story or two. And maybe Arborhood. NOPE. My writing’s so crappy that I don’t feel like there’s much of a point anymore.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Get married! YAY!

2017 resolutions:

  • The blogs.
  • The musics.
  • Walk either 4,000 miles (if I’m teaching all year) or 3,000 miles (if I’m not).
  • See if I can muscle my way into a more permanent lecturer position at U of C. This is something that’s mostly out of control, but hey, I can try.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2017. For serious this time. It’s been too long.
  • Write more in general. Vague resolution is vague, but I guess I could narrow it down to either editing Prime or Arborhood.
  • The blog archives. Get ‘em done.
  • Along the same line as the previous resolution: figure out some sort of way to get my archives printed and bound. I’d love to have a hard copy of each year, sort of like an Encyclopedia of Eigenblogger thing.
  • Be a better wife for Nate. He’s the best husband I could ever ask for and I’m still getting used to this “wife” thing, so I definitely think there’s a lot of room for improvement as far as being as good to him as he is to me.

That’s all that I can think of for now.