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“What happened to the stairs?!”

Hahaha, this makes me super happy and nostalgic.

Sorry, I’ve been having a really crappy day and this made things a little bit better.


Holy crap, I just found a bunch of old America’s Next Top Model episodes on YouTube. Time to watch all of them!!!!

(I used to watch ANTM back in high school on nights when my mom would go down to Lewiston to visit Kelly.)


Edit: hahaha, I totally didn’t do a stats blog on this date like I was supposed to, did I? Oops.

Clefairy Party!

I am 8000% obsessed with Clefairy now. I have no idea why it wasn’t my favorite Pokemon back when I was into the cards, but holy hell, it’s the cutest little thing to me now.

On YouTube yesterday afternoon, I happened to find “Clefairy and the Moon Stone,” the episode of the Pokemon cartoon where Clefairy first appeared (I’d watched several episodes that had been uploaded, so this one was on my “recommended” list on YouTube).







Also, I ordered a Clefairy plushie. Because I needed one.

The end.

A Decade of Metalocalypse

Hey, so apparently today marks exactly 10 years since Metalocalypse first aired on Adult Swim.

I know I’ve talked on and off about this show on this blog since, like, 2008, but that’s because this show is great. I also recently realized that it’s been on* for my entire college career, save the last few years since Doomstar Requiem, so it’s kind of traveled along with me on my journeys across North America. It sounds corny, but it was always nice to be able to have new episodes of Metalocalypse to chill to regardless of where I was/how stressed I was/how desperate I was to jump off a bridge.


Let me tell you how I found this show, because if you were to watch an episode of it, you probably would not think it’d be a show I’d like. And that was my first impression of it, too. Back in 2006, as a freshman at the U of I, I lived in the Literal Hellhole Wallace. I had a dinky little 12” TV that I hooked up to the cable there. I quickly became obsessed with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, since really the only channel I watched was Cartoon Network and ATHF was the weirdest shit I’d ever seen and was thus the best thing ever (also, Shake reminded me of one of my friends from junior high).

I would often watch ATHF, then keep the TV on but put it on mute. That’s something I do a lot, actually. But anyways. I saw the opening sequence for Metalocalypse a few times on my muted screen, since the show aired right after ATHF for awhile, but thought it looked like something that would be super dumb, so I never had the desire to unmute it. I actually remember glancing over to the TV and watching about three minutes of one of the muted episodes** and thinking, “why do people waste their talent by animating crap like this?”

Fast-forward to 2008. I’m now living in McConnell, a much nicer dorm, and still have my dinky little TV hooked up to the cable. Similar situation: I’ve finished watching ATHF and muted the TV. An episode of Metalocalypse came on, but I wasn’t really paying attention to it. But then I glanced over at it at some point and, for whatever reason, just decided to unmute it and see what it was really all about.

And I was right. It was the dumbest thing I’d ever seen.
And it was awesome.

You know that specific type of funny that’s just so ridiculous that it’s great? Metalocalypse is that for me. It’s so screwy. It’s so dark. It’s so messed up. They’re all such man-children. But it works, and it’s funny. I enjoy it.

It sounds like Adult Swim is being awful and not letting Metalocalypse have its much-needed 5th season, on Adult Swim or anywhere else. But I’ve still got the four seasons plus Doomstar that I can re-watch. And I will, because Metalocalypse is and always will be funny to me.

So yeah.

*when I say “on” I mean, more technically, “waiting 2+ years between seasons” because Adult Swim is a bunch of concrete farts.
**turns out that episode was the season 1 finale. Which is awesome, FYI.

Powerpuff Yourself

Why not. I’m bored and terrified of my upcoming final in Dr. Lu’s class. What better way to prepare for that than to make a Powerpuff version of myself?



So I’m pretty into Steven Universe right now. Peridot is definitely my favorite.

(I still really like Garnet, too.)

I’m not sure if anyone who ever reads this blog ever watches Steven Universe or even cares that I like Steven Universe, but this is my blog, so I’m gonna post a few Peridot-related videos. ‘Cause I can.

How can you not love Peridot?

ALSO, have another really good AMV about the show in general (mostly fusions).

Life has many doors, Ed boy!

I walked about 15 miles or so today, and all I could think about for the entire walk was that Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy episode where they all pretend to be one another. Ed is Eddy, Eddy is Double D, and Double D is Ed.

I have no idea if any of my readers ever watched Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy, but I watched a crap-ton of it when I was younger and for whatever reason, that particular episode’s dialogue got stuck in my head during my walk.

Edit: found it on YouTube!

(Sped up ’cause YouTube.)

This show was great.

Ed: “I can do Eddy, I practiced!”
Eddy: “What do you mean you practiced?!”

Ed: “I have caused discomfort, ‘cause I’m Eddy!”


Have a really, really well done Steven Universe AMV.


Have you ever wondered if the Jeopardy! games were recorded somewhere? And if so, where?

Well, they ARE recorded, and it’s on the internet!
(Of course.)

The website is called J! Archive and it contains (almost) every Jeopardy! game played since Alex Trebek started hosting way back in 1984. Since we can’t get Jeopardy! up here in Canada unless we watch it on the Spokane channel (which we can’t, ‘cause we don’t have cable), Nate and I are just going through the episodes, starting way back at season 1, and playing though the questions. It’s pretty fun (despite the fact that 1984 Jeopardy! is not nearly the well-oiled game show machine it is today).

The website also has a search function, just in case you want to see if a particular word or phrase shows up in any questions or answers.


McGee and Me! (Blame YouTube)

As many of you know, I went to a Christian elementary school. We had an hour set aside for “religion” study every day, went to church every Friday morning, and had Bible-themed Christmas plays every December and Bible-themed spring plays every April or so.

Every once and awhile, we’d have an event (a BBQ, a “party”, a something-or-other) that required us to be at school during non-regular hours. To entertain us (i.e., to keep us all in the same room), our teacher or principal would opt to play a TV show or movie on our little TV-on-a-roller-cart. Being a Christian school, we never got to watch anything but—you guessed it—Christian-themed shows! The most popular one for us was Veggies Tales, but I was never really into them at the time. The one that I enjoyed (though “enjoyed” is a relative term) was called McGee and Me!


It’s basically about this kid, Nick, who has a drawing of his come to life and together the two of them get into all sorts of “you can get out of this by being a good Christian” mishaps. Actually, they were mishaps you could get out of by just being a good person, but they made sure to add “God” and “Jesus” in there because you can’t be a good person without those two guys in your life, right?

Example: the episode “Beauty in the Least” is about Nick’s Romanian pen pal coming to visit unexpectedly during Thanksgiving. Romanian Pen Pal is, according to Nick, super annoying and plan-ruining when he’s not in pen-pal-letter form, so Nick is a jerk to him and the poor dude gets upset (understandably). But through the guidance of God and the “love thy neighbor as thyself” idea, Nick realizes that he’s been a jerk and does his best to make it up to Romanian Pen Pal and his father. So like I said, it’s basically a “be a good person, dammit” show with a Christian bend. I always enjoyed it, though. It was better than Veggie Tales.

Here, have a link to the first part of this episode on YouTube, in case you were a ‘90s Christian kid and you want to nostalgia yourself to death just like I did tonight. That’s the whole reason for this post, haha.

You’re welcome.


This just in: I love Steven Universe. I haven’t liked a show this much since Metalocalypse, which is kind of hilarious to say considering how completely different the two shows are.

But seriously. I really like the premise of the show and the voice acting is great. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. There are quite a few episodes floating around on YouTube, so give it a shot if you’re looking for something to watch.

If you’re curious about more, read a brief review of the show here!


Also, Garnet is my favorite and is pretty much a gift to the world. You might even say she’s…a gem.

Yeah, I went there. Fight me.

Edit: there is no better use of this song than in this AMV.

Aria Listening? (LOL OPERA JOKE)

OH MY GOD, so in the finale episode of Daredevil, the aria Nessun Dorma is featured during a particular sequence (not going to say anything more…spoilers, you know) and for the past few days I’ve been trying to find the version that was in the show ‘cause it was freaking beautiful.

But I just found a video of Pavarotti singing it instead and it’s the greatest thing ever.



Y’all need to watch Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, okay? It’s super dark and violent, but it’s really, really good. I was expecting to enjoy it when Nate and I started watching it, but I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Watch it, yo.

Also, the opening sequence is quite cool:

Lens Factor

Alrighty, so every once and awhile I used to watch The Doctors on TV if I happened to catch them. Then they did this nonsense so they lost a lot of credit with me and I’d never stopped to watch them since.

However, today I was trying to find a channel to “watch” while I packed my crap for the move, and the channel playing The Doctors was the only decent choice, so I just had it on in the background while I did stuff in the back room.

I happened to come back out in the living room when they were talking about these, and I’m actually glad I did, because these special colored lenses seem pretty cool.

From the website: “The Irlen Method has earned millions of fans by providing a long-term, expertly developed solution to reading problems, headaches, light sensitivity, ADD and ADHD, autism and many other ailments–by directly addressing a core problem: the brain’s inability to process visual information.”

Check out the clip:


Super interesting! I think it’s something that could help a lot of people.



I’m re-watching a few of my favorite Metalocalypse episodes (plus DSR) because it’s been awhile since I’ve actually watched any of them and I had a bit of free time tonight.










What even is this show?

Metalocalypse Update!

Alright, so it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a fifth season, but it does sound like they’re going to do a special (hopefully similar to Doomstar in both length and awesomeness).

It’s not a final season—which is what this show deserves—but it sound like there will at least be a conclusion of sorts. So yay?

(I know none of my followers watch Metalocalypse but I don’t even care I love this show it’s so dumb but it’s so good and you can’t stop me from loving it hahahaha okay I’m done)


HOLY CRAP I forgot about Degrassi!

So back when I was in London (for like the three weeks I was there…) I had cable in my little dorm room. One night I happened to catch an episode of Degrassi and kind of fell in love with it. They had an episode or two on Nickelodeon every Sunday night or so back in the States, but it’s on EVERY NIGHT up here.

Degrassi is basically like Canadian high school soap opera, but it’s super addictive. Also, it’s weird to see Canadian currency in a show and hear them talk about road trips to Montreal or Saskatoon or other Canadian places.

Haha, sorry. School hasn’t started yet and I don’t have anything else to do.

Woah, trippy

I very rarely catch any of the new Simpsons episodes on TV, but I happened to be screwing around on YouTube when I found this preview for the couch gag of the upcoming episode “What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting.”

Super surreal and trippy! I like it.

Oh my

If Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers is not the most perfect animated representation of what I was like in high school, then I don’t even know what is.







Claudia’s Minute-by-Minute Reactions to Doomstar Requiem

Okay. So. I’m usually not the type to get excited about TV shows. It’s probably because I don’t really watch any new/current/popular shows like Sherlock/Game of Thrones/Dr. Who/Breaking Bad/How I Met Your Mother/all those other shows that have huge fandoms and large followings in general. They’ve just never appealed to me.

But then there’s Metalocalypse. This show that’s about five rich, spoiled, idiot man-children and their inability to cope with everyday things like buying groceries and decorating the living room. This show that’s so absurd and so unapologetically dumb that it’s beyond hilarious. This show that I accidentally stumbled upon late one night when nothing else was on and have been attached to ever since.

I love this show.

And now it’s ending. Its finale starts in about 5 minutes.

So please forgive the incredibly fangirlish blog tonight. I don’t know anyone else who watches this (or at least, anyone who watches it anymore) and I’ve been feeding off the collective excitement of Tumblr’s group of Metalocalypse fans since the beginning of October, so I NEED to put my reactions out somewhere.

So here they are in chronological order:

  • God damn, that orchestra at the beginning…
  • We’re like 7 minutes in and we’re already in a Lisa Frank drug trip scene. YES.
  • “He’s deeeeead!” “Oh. Throw him in the garbaaaage.” AHAHAHAHA
  • Dear god, the animation is beautiful
  • How can this be so hilarious and so heartbreaking at the same time? AND WE’RE ONLY TWELVE MINUTES IN
  • “How can I be a hero when my dick’s as big as a shoe?”
  • Aaaaaaaaand the most accurate representation of Tumblr fans ever.
  • Yup, that’s Tumblr.
  • The powdered wigs. I AM PEEING
  • I KNEW it! I KNEW Skwisgaar was the one who decided to keep Toki in the band!
  • (The whole “brothers” part made me suspect that Seth was going to show up at some point)
  • Charles, no
  • Oh my god. Michael Jackson Thriller dancing. THIS IS TOO PERFECT
  • (No comments for the last ten minutes, ‘cause I was just sitting there gaping at the screen)


*stays up until 5*



I’m going to be an emotional wreck a week from now, just a warning.

(I mean, more so than normal)

(Posting trailer again ‘cause it’s important)






[insert fangirl freakout here]

A Wild Plan of Action Appears!

Formulating a plan for the next 1-2 years. Hopefully good things will come of it. But who knows.

Anyway, I’m bored tonight and don’t have too much of substance to say (but what else is new?). So here’s stuff:

  • I like to imagine that Descartes disliked polar coordinates.
  • I’ve seen a lot of hilarious stuff on the internet, but this is still one of the greatest. Posted it before, but I randomly stumbled upon it today, so I’m posting it again.
  • Beautiful song or ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS song?
  • The article is decent, but the comments are hilarious.
  • This commercial is great.
  • AND I’ve had the “Mr. Booze” song from Family Guy stuck in my head ALL DAY even though I haven’t seen that episode in a long time. You have to admit it’s catchy.

Green & Stokes

So in my continuing saga of “Let’s Make Stupid Jokes About Everything” (aka, “My Life”) and in the same vein as that Neil & Prey dream I had awhile back, I think someone should propose a detective/mystery show called Green & Stokes.  It’d be like NUMB3RS crossed with Law & Order crossed with Columbo, except with exponentially more puns.

They’d work for the LAMD (Los Angeles Math Department) or something, because cities would have their own math departments in whatever universe that would allow Green and Stokes to be mathematicians AND detectives AND live during the same time period.

And the episode names could each be a pun on some other famous mathematician’s name (or other dumb puns).

  • “Rolle with the Punches”
  • “Out with the Old, in with the Newton”
  • “Bourbaki and the Case of the Empty Set”


This is why I need school to start again.

Edit: holy crap, I forgot how crappy gifs can be when they’re exported from Flash (especially when you don’t know what you’re doing), but here’s the theoretical show’s opening animation nonetheless:

Edit 2: fixed it (sort of; it’s still dumb)


Two Things:

1) Followers.

(EDIT: see? Crappy posting habits. Sorry, y’all)

Woah, new followers. Hello, new followers! I don’t know where y’all came from, but I’ll try not to disappoint you with crappy posts. Can’t guarantee that, though. 90% of this blog is crappy posts.

Wow, Claudia, way to encourage people to keep reading your blathering.


2) Metalocalypse.

Can we have a moment of awed silence for the season finale last night? Holy freaking crapaholics, man. I’m so glad there’s going to be a fifth season. Yes, I know, I know. I’m a fangirl freak. Tumblr has been a horrible, horrible enable for my fangirlness.

I’mma go screw around with R for awhile.