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Want to Practice Kerning?

Of course you do.

Edit: god, I’m bad at this.

Edit again: I’m a LOT better at this.

Gospel Gamin’

Oh my god.

Swiss Cheese Robinson

Play this. It’s super fun.

That is all.

Tonight, I bring you…THE INTERNET!

One of the worst songs to have stuck in your head when you’re trying to figure out the reasons behind the graph I showed you yesterday.

The Sun Run! I was totally there…somewhere, haha.

Did anyone else ever watch this cartoon when they were kids? My dad recorded the episodes onto blank tapes so I could watch them over and
over again.

Feels like drugs.

This is pretty much everything that’s wrong with Facebook. Well, not everything, but a big portion of it.


8-Bit Green Light

Few books are simultaneously more deserving of and more inappropriate for NES game format than The Great Gatsby. This image alone captures the greatness:

Play it here.

It’s short, easy, and freaking fantastic. Nick Carraway’s weapon is his hat (or hats, rather), but they look like pitas in the extremely pixilated format which makes things even more hilarious.

More classic novels need to be made into retro NES format (except To Kill a Mockingbird, that just needs to stay away from me for the rest of my life). Lolita would be rated AO and would attract creepy but surprisingly articulate men who like pixilated preteens.

Waiter! There’s a dead and alive cat in my box!

Here is a fun game I used to play like four years ago. I just rediscovered it because I’m cool.

Sorry, busy day.

Today’s song: Insomniac Olympics by Blockhead

Random links from around since I’m busy studying

Because this kind of stuff is always cool.

Good when you want new music to match your mood.

Seriously, don’t expect much this week. Everything I have to do is pretty much due next Tuesday (the 23rd), so I’m trying to get everything done.
Also, why the hell is everyone getting engaged all of a sudden?


Today’s song: Headlock by Imogen Heap

At a loss for words?

Yeah. I was, too.

How I missed “by,” “or,” and “will” is beyond me. And I could have sworn I typed “him,” but I guess not.

Fun, though.

Oh dear

This thing is fun. I quote Aaron: “Napalm! Buckets and buckets of napalm!”

He made Lanky the “Plant King” and created for him a lair. Then he used…guess what…napalm to see if he could blast him out.



This is frighteningly addictive. I also suck at the circle one.

If you want to eat an apple pie, you must first consume the universe


Getting Nebraska “we’re the anchor of nowhere” state as the first one to play was enough to throw my score so that I had 7 error miles left at the end.

Also, Pennsylvania can suck it. I can’t remember the other two I screwed up. I think I put Rhode Island a few miles off or something.

Damn you, StumbleUpon, DAMN YOU!

Not only is this super fun, but there’s awesome banjo music as an accompaniment!

Short but fun blog

Sean showed this to me.
Warning: it’s very addicting. While it starts easy, it gets super hard.


HOLY SHIT, ME TOO! Now that I finally can…

I recommend:
Constellations (this is my favorite)
Fuck It