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Where is Idaho?

I did a little experiment this evening (because why the hell not). I wanted to see which states Idaho is most commonly grouped with when the country is split into “regions” (because I’ve seen it put into the Pacific Northwest, the West, the North West, etc., each with different states along with it). So I went to Google Images and typed “regions of the US” to see what I could find.

I looked at 50 different maps and recorded how many times each state (apart from Idaho, of course) was grouped along with Idaho.



States like Mississippi and Louisiana and such were grouped on some map showing the nuclear regions (or something like that) of the US.

Heat map!


Heat map courtesy of here.

Interesting to see the difference in grouping frequency between our state to the east (Montana) versus the two to our west (Washington and Oregon)

If you want to eat an apple pie, you must first consume the universe


Getting Nebraska “we’re the anchor of nowhere” state as the first one to play was enough to throw my score so that I had 7 error miles left at the end.

Also, Pennsylvania can suck it. I can’t remember the other two I screwed up. I think I put Rhode Island a few miles off or something.

Time for random article prayer

Because Wiki is god and because stuff like this is awesome.


And completely unrelated…

The first sentence is freaking epic.