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Here is a super interesting interactive graphic showing how different groups of Americans spend their day.


  • “At 3 AM, 95% of Americans are sleeping” (guess when I’m typing this)
  • “At 8 AM, 23% of Americans are at work” (I’m in that group on T/Th!)
  • “At 3:30 PM, 27% of Americans are at work” (I’m in that group on M/W/F!)
  • “At 8 PM, 1% of Americans are shopping” (that’s usually when I hit up WinCo/Walmart/whatev)

Click through by activity type or sort by sex, education, age, race, etc.!

Anosmia Awareness Day 2013

Happy Anosmia Awareness Day, everyone!

For the second year in a row, an awareness day for the nose blind has been organized.

I’ve posted this video before, but it’s an awesome mini documentary and is obviously relevant to today.

Random links from around since I’m busy studying

Because this kind of stuff is always cool.

Good when you want new music to match your mood.

Seriously, don’t expect much this week. Everything I have to do is pretty much due next Tuesday (the 23rd), so I’m trying to get everything done.
Also, why the hell is everyone getting engaged all of a sudden?


Today’s song: Headlock by Imogen Heap