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I do. I used to use it all the time before it got kinda spammy. I logged back into my old profile for fun this afternoon. Here are some of my favorite stumbles.


It’s time for the monthly (bi-monthly? Tri-yearly? Is that even a thing?) “Stuff Claudia Found via StumbleUpon” post.

Because I’ve been obscenely busy studying for my Stat 701 final and thus haven’t done anything else worth blogging about.

Planetary Glass Set (out of stock, unfortunately, but still!)

AAAAAAAAH I LOVE THESE (but especially the “Little Miss Sunshine” dress).

The elements of the Periodic Table as characters. The “next page” button is up at the top under the blog header.

I don’t know if anyone who reads my blog would ever need this, but if you ever need to create a bubble test sheet (like the ones for the SAT), here ya go.

Also, this is great:


Swiggety swag, what’s in the ba-OH GOD BEES

In my obsession with the internet, I utilize StumbleUpon a lot. Since I started my account in 2009, I’ve Stumbled approximately 20,000 websites.


Anyway, StumbleUpon gives you a little “DNA” that expresses which types of websites you tend to like. Here is the list of the 14 DNA categories:


Within these categories are a bunch of subcategories; for example, in the “health” category, both “aging” and “cancer” are subcategories. You can see how many people follow (that is, Stumble through) each subcategory as well (201,000 follow “architecture,” for example).

There are a BUTT TON of subcategories and I just finished going through them all and recording which major DNA category they fell under AND how many followers each has. There’s a LOT I want to do with this data, but since I should truly be spending my time packing rather than screwing around in R, I’ll just do the first very basic thing for right now.

Here is a graph of the average number of followers per subcategory for each of the 14 major DNA categories.


Like I said, I’m going to be doing more with this as soon as I’m no longer in a panic about moving/grad school/everything. Think of this as a little teaser!

Stumble Dump

As I’ve said, I’m already obscenely busy, so today’s feature is just some of my favorite sites I’ve found using StumbleUpon.


StumbleUpon makes for weird dreams

Despite having gallons of homework to do (because large quantities of homework are best measured in gallons), I spent like five hours on StumbleUpon. Which resulted in a really weird dream.
I’m in Egypt studying flowers (told you it was weird) when I meet this guy who has three legs. Needless to say he played the drums for some metal band, and he won’t stop following me around and talking about his band. Finally, in order to shut him up, I tell him and his other friend (who apparently was with us) that we should start a band. For some reason we call ourselves The Big Bang Theory Dawgs (yeah, spelled like that) and we play electronic music throughout Europe for the rest of the dream. Which, unfortunately, feels like three hours. And The Big Bang Theory Dawgs aren’t very fun to listen to.

Pants Famine!

Hahahaha, what the hell, human race?

“Other schools, Kashasha itself, and another village, comprising thousands of people, were all affected to some degree.”
Also, why does StumbleUpon keep linking me to these weird epidemics?

Damn you, StumbleUpon, DAMN YOU!

Not only is this super fun, but there’s awesome banjo music as an accompaniment!

StumbleUpon is simultaneously destroying and improving my free time

Best sentence ever!
English is so weird.