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Pedestrian Rant

There are two types of drivers here:

  1. Those who are super, super courteous to pedestrians and will stop like half a block away to let you cross the street and/or who will smile and wave at you when you take 3 minutes to cross because you’re trucking through two feet of slush.
  2. Those who will mow you down because they’re on their phone/are far too important to wait at most 15 seconds for you to cross the street/both of the above/taxi drivers.

Seriously, the taxi drivers like swerve to mow down pedestrians here. “Y U NO PAY ME FARE TO GET WHERE UR GOING HOW ABOUT I TAKE OUT YOUR LEGS THEN YOU’LL HAVE TO USE MY SERVICES HAHAHAHAHA”

(Or so they appear to be thinking.)

I don’t think I ever had a close call with a car in Vancouver; here I’ve had at least three. Not cool, Calgarians, not cool!

(Except for those of you drivers who are very pedestrian-aware. You guys rock.)


Damn you, StumbleUpon, DAMN YOU!

Not only is this super fun, but there’s awesome banjo music as an accompaniment!