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Waiter! There’s an infinite loop in my Waiter! There’s an infinite loop in my Waiter!…


I woke up at 8 AM Eastern time (early morning poster sessions need to die) and got back here just now at midnight Pacific time. You do the math, I’m too jazzed up to think (mainly because I did about 200 calculus problems on the planes).

I’m also not tired at all. I guess conference stress = my body going “I DON’T NEED FOOD! I DON’T NEED SLEEP! LET ME DO CALCULUS!”
Anyway. Here are like five pictures I took from the conference, ‘cause I don’t take many pictures ‘cause I’m me.


The only time I ventured outside the hotel. I was looking for pain meds.


The poster session room.


More poster session room fun.


This would have been a better picture of the APS logo projecton, but there were like 4,000 people in the lobby and I didn’t have time to turn off the flash before people started walking over it.


Here’s my poster!

My poster was probably the biggest one at our session (8 feet wide, almost). There were about four of us in a row with quantitative-related posters and we were pretty much ignored the entire session, which was okay with me, ‘cause there was a dude advocating Bayesian reliability next to me and he was pretty cool to talk to.

There was something else important but HELL IF I CAN REMEMBER IT!



Today’s song: Brazilian (Original Mix) by Gramophonedzie


Ah, United States, I’ve MISSED YOU.

Milk does not cost an obscene amount and I can get a crappy sandwich at a gas station for under $8. It’s not raining incessantly and there are fat guys everywhere. America…FUCK YEAH!

So I finally took a break from calculus today to check my email. Got a $16,000 scholarship for next year and some check waiting for me for $1,000. I have NO IDEA why I’m getting this random check, but I’m not going to complain.

And I just might buy a guitar with part of it. Damn you, Sean.


Today’s song: The Champions by Era

Apparently the derivative of a lip ring is a Monroe

Yeah. When you start finding the derivations of various facial piercings in your dreams, you know you’ve done way too much calculus the day before.

I’m totally serious, I start spacing off and then realize that I’m daydreaming about DERIVATIVES.

On a somewhat related note, I went to a symposium on dreams this morning. One of the presenters gave a really interesting talk in which he displayed art students’ artistic interpretations of their dreams while reading their dreams aloud to us. I thought it was pretty interesting how many of the dreamers presented exaggerated or inappropriate emotional responses in their dreams. I can only think of a few examples of my own dreams (the Boxy Boxy dream, the Maggie = Spearow dream, though I think “shock and awe” were fairly appropriate emotional responses there) where I, in my dream, acted with exaggerated or simply the incorrect emotions.

Also, according to another guy it’s pretty rare for people to dream of numbers/calculations. Those are also fairly common in my dreams, but usually to a lesser extent than they are when I’m doing crap loads of calc problems per day, and usually happen right before I wake up.


Today’s song: Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Blog 1,487: Boston!

Holy crap, it’s 80 degrees here!

And it’s nearly midnight and I’m sitting in the hotel lobby frantically looking for a song for today. Luckily, guests get free internet. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring Vaio (for his safety) and have to secure one of the four open-use computers for my daily music acquisition tasks. Not going to be easy for these next few days.

Haha, sorry, long flight (San Francisco to Boston). I’m kind of zoned out.


Today’s song: Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim

Piece of Pi

Boredom + Rock Band + geekiness = this.

Piece of Pi (sung, of course, to Boston’s Peace of Mind)
Now if you’re feelin’ kinda low ‘bout the math you’ve been doing
Answer’s coming much too slow
And you need a break but somehow you keep calculatin’
Solution’s something you need to know

I understand about logarithms
And I don’t care if I can’t derive
People livin’ with long division
All I want is to know a piece of pi

Now you’re tryin’ to find the key to this integration
Thought you knew this all by heart
There are so many techniques that you are now debatin’
Try some integration by parts


Take the log of x!
Take the log of x!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhh!

[Guitar solo needs no math puns!]

Now everybody’s all hung up ‘bout this 5-by-5 matrix
Actin’ like a bunch of fools
Seems like they forgot all of the algebra tricks
Why don’t they just use Cramer’s Rule?


Take the log of x!
Take the log of x!


You called KEVIN?! Why would you call KEVIN?!

HaHA, bitches!
100% on expert singing Boston’s More Than A Feeling. Finally.

But of course, nobody was in the house when I did it.

Oh, well.
Yeah, I’m bored.