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Piece of Pi

Boredom + Rock Band + geekiness = this.

Piece of Pi (sung, of course, to Boston’s Peace of Mind)
Now if you’re feelin’ kinda low ‘bout the math you’ve been doing
Answer’s coming much too slow
And you need a break but somehow you keep calculatin’
Solution’s something you need to know

I understand about logarithms
And I don’t care if I can’t derive
People livin’ with long division
All I want is to know a piece of pi

Now you’re tryin’ to find the key to this integration
Thought you knew this all by heart
There are so many techniques that you are now debatin’
Try some integration by parts


Take the log of x!
Take the log of x!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhh!

[Guitar solo needs no math puns!]

Now everybody’s all hung up ‘bout this 5-by-5 matrix
Actin’ like a bunch of fools
Seems like they forgot all of the algebra tricks
Why don’t they just use Cramer’s Rule?


Take the log of x!
Take the log of x!


U Can’t Prove This


So in celebration of this, I wrote a song.

It’s sung to the tune of—of course—M.C. Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This.

Oh, and Dr. O’Rourke, if you EVER happen upon this for some reason, I want you to know that this is totally proof (ha! Get it?) that your class had an impact on me and that I loved it. This is dedicated to all of us who, for some reason or another, take a long time to wrap our heads around proofs. Where the free time to write this drivel comes from, I will never know.


“U Can’t Prove This”

U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this

My, my, my, Symbolic Logic, it’s so hard
Makes me say oh my Lord
It seems okay when you’re doing truth tables,
Translations, worlds, you feel quite able
But then you get to problem set four
Crap like you’ve never seen before
Gone are the days of logic bliss
You throw up your hands and say, “u can’t prove this”

I told you, freshman, u can’t prove this
Yeah that’s how we’re graded and you know, u can’t prove this
Look at this statement man, u can’t prove this

Yo let me bust the logic lyrics, u can’t prove this

Boole and Tarsky, Wittgenstein
You start missin’ these guys when you enter the land
Of proofs, it’s quite sad
Who knew philosophy could kick your ass?
Can’t prove a thing without some guidance
Wish you’d taken computer science
But now you’re stuck
You know this class is gonna test your luck
Make it known you can’t get the groove

That this is a statement you can’t prove

Yo I told you, u can’t prove this
Why you standing there man, u can’t prove this
Yo sharpen your pencil, logic class is startin’, u can’t prove this

Then you start to understand
The relief you feel is oh, so grand
But then Prof says, “oh there’s more”
Gives new rules, subproofs galore
And now you’re screwed
Just when you thought your struggle was subdued

You’ve got this “if, then…”
So you go through the pain all over again
Assume P, or not P?
Who the hell knows, it’s all Greek to me

It’s hard because you know
U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this
Break it down!

Stop. Logic time. 

Go with the flowchart it is said
If you can’t prove the former than you’re probably gonna dread
These quants—they’re real tough

You’re trying to learn more but you’ve had enough
Of these rules—they’re absurd
What do they expect, you’re no logic nerd
Backwards E’s and upturned A’s
Out the window flies your grade

A, B, C, D, F, yeah, u can’t prove this
Look man, u can’t prove this
You’d better do the extra credit, boy, ‘cause you know you can’t prove this

Ring the bell, it’s logic time, break it down!

Stop. Logic time.

U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this

Break it down!

Stop. Logic time.

Every time they see you, you’re working on these proofs
You’re hunting like a bloodhound, a modus pollens sleuth

Now how could you ever increase your proving speed
When you can’t seem to prove concisely what you need
You’ve done so much already, there’s so much more to do
It’s subproof new subproof ‘nother subproof twelve subproofs and you’re hardly half way through

U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this
U can’t prove this
Yeah, u can’t prove this
I told you, u can’t prove this
Too hard can’t prove this

Get me outta here, I can’t prove this

People underestimate the genius of Weird Al. This is hard. And it doesn’t help that this song is like five minutes long.