Apparently the derivative of a lip ring is a Monroe

Yeah. When you start finding the derivations of various facial piercings in your dreams, you know you’ve done way too much calculus the day before.

I’m totally serious, I start spacing off and then realize that I’m daydreaming about DERIVATIVES.

On a somewhat related note, I went to a symposium on dreams this morning. One of the presenters gave a really interesting talk in which he displayed art students’ artistic interpretations of their dreams while reading their dreams aloud to us. I thought it was pretty interesting how many of the dreamers presented exaggerated or inappropriate emotional responses in their dreams. I can only think of a few examples of my own dreams (the Boxy Boxy dream, the Maggie = Spearow dream, though I think “shock and awe” were fairly appropriate emotional responses there) where I, in my dream, acted with exaggerated or simply the incorrect emotions.

Also, according to another guy it’s pretty rare for people to dream of numbers/calculations. Those are also fairly common in my dreams, but usually to a lesser extent than they are when I’m doing crap loads of calc problems per day, and usually happen right before I wake up.


Today’s song: Angel by Sarah McLachlan

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