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Piece of Pi

Boredom + Rock Band + geekiness = this.

Piece of Pi (sung, of course, to Boston’s Peace of Mind)
Now if you’re feelin’ kinda low ‘bout the math you’ve been doing
Answer’s coming much too slow
And you need a break but somehow you keep calculatin’
Solution’s something you need to know

I understand about logarithms
And I don’t care if I can’t derive
People livin’ with long division
All I want is to know a piece of pi

Now you’re tryin’ to find the key to this integration
Thought you knew this all by heart
There are so many techniques that you are now debatin’
Try some integration by parts


Take the log of x!
Take the log of x!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhh!

[Guitar solo needs no math puns!]

Now everybody’s all hung up ‘bout this 5-by-5 matrix
Actin’ like a bunch of fools
Seems like they forgot all of the algebra tricks
Why don’t they just use Cramer’s Rule?


Take the log of x!
Take the log of x!