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In This Blog: Claudia’s Jet-Setting Suitcase Says “Screw You” to Cold Temperatures and Goes to California Instead

Today, I went from Moscow/Pullman (PUW) to Seattle (SEA) to Calgary (YYC).

My suitcase, however, did not. It went from Moscow/Pullman (PUW) to Los Angeles (LAX) to Calgary (YYC).


Luckily, my nine-hour layover in Seattle meant that my suitcase still got to Calgary before I did, despite its little adventure.

I like Sea-Tac; I’ve spent a decent proportion of my life there. It’s a nice airport. Nine hours, though, is a little too long of a layover. At least I got a lot of semester prepping done and still had time to walk around a little bit.




So today was supposed to be pretty crappy, because while my flight from Lewiston got into Seattle around 10 this morning, my flight from Seattle to Calgary is supposed to leave tomorrow around 11. I was originally planning on just hanging out in the airport and getting some work done (and not sleeping), since there weren’t any other really good options.

And really, that’s not terrible. SeaTac is a pretty great airport. Lots of places to wander if I got bored, that giant food court thing with the ceiling-high windows, and a decent number of places to sit. I figured if I could find an outlet to camp at, I’d be fine.


I learned that because my flights were more than 17 hours apart (I think that was the cutoff time?), my checked luggage would only go through to Seattle. I’d have to pick it up there and the re-check it in closer to my flight to Calgary.

And on the plane from Lewiston to Seattle, I realized what this would probably mean: the baggage claim area is not in the cool part of the airport. It’s in the tiny basement thing that’s 70% luggage carousels, 20% luggage hauling SeaTac dudes (baggage bros?), and 10% benches that are taken up by sleeping families.

And since I had to claim my bag, that meant leaving the airport part of the airport and going down there. And staying there for ~24 hours.

Noooooooot as fun.

So I call my mom and we figure out there’s a hotel like right across the street (literally, it turns out), so I pack up my crap and head over there (and feel really stupid taking the bus shuttle because it is, literally, right across the street from SeaTac).

Picture? Picture!



Got Subway, worked on stuff for classes, and watched crappy Seattle TV all night.

‘Twas much more enjoyable than the SeaTac airport could have been.

More airport shenanigans

Blogging from Sea-Tac again! I’ve spent most of today trying to get my essay less than 10 pages. There’s no way in hell that’s happening, so my workshop group’s just going to have to deal with 11 pages. They’ll live.

Cutting this is making me sad!


So you know how Word can be set to automatically change :) and :( into actual little smilies/frownies? Screenshot:


Did you know it can also make a “meh “face?

I was typing something in my essay a few hours ago and I accidentally pressed the : and | in conjunction and this little dude popped up:


I’d never seen him before!

Am I like totally behind the curve on this, or is this new to any of you guys, too?


Haha, sorry. I needed to take a little break from working on stuff. I also have to churn out NaNo nonsense later today as well.

WOO! Three hours left!

Airport Wi-Fi FTW

Ahoy, fellow internet-goers! Claudia here, blogging from scenic Sea-Tac Airport.

Currently, the weather’s pitching a hissy fit and it’s foggy and cold and wet (SURPRISE SURPRISE). The bottoms of my pant legs are wet, my hair looks horrible, but I’m going to see my mom in approximately five hours!


I need to study for calc/write my essay/do my trig homework/grade papers/get lectures ready/get homeworks ready/email people, but I’m going to just draw instead.


Shenanigans at 30,000 feet

I am SO sick of flying. Still not sick of airports, though.

On the flight up from Tucson to Seattle I sat next to this 60-something-year-old lady who kept pulling those little mini vodkas out of her purse and kept getting progressively more drunk the closer we got to Seattle.

Some of the highlights included:

  • When she took a paper Burger King crown out of her purse, put it on and shouted, “I’m the co-pilot!”
  • When she looked down the front of her own shirt and whispered, “I’ve found me Lucky Charms!”
  • Her telling me all about her three sons for about fifteen minutes, then laughing hysterically and saying, “I’m just kidding! They’re daughters.”
  • When she finally fell dead asleep about 30 minutes out from Seattle and slumped down so far in her seat that she would have slid out onto the floor had there been more leg room.


Exciting times. I also got to sit in Sea-Tac for like five hours. As usual.