Some Days I Really Miss Vancouver

Today, for whatever reason, is one of those days.

So here we go with random Google Streetview screencaps of Vanland, ‘cause I’m sad and my blog is as pathetic as I am.

My first place in Vancouver. It was a shithole. I wonder if it still has as many silverfish in it as it did when I was living there.

I visited this Superstore a lot during the summer of my thesis defense. It was a pain in the ass to walk to, but it was the closest Superstore to my apartment.

I walked across this bridge a lot.

PERSON, NO! You’re in the middle of Kingsway!

This park was the place I walked to on that one summer day in 2010 when I was feeling all claustrophobic in my apartment and had to get out and do something. It was only like half a mile from my apartment, but it was more than I had voluntarily walked in a long time (sad, I know). And it felt good. I mark this walk as my first walk walk and the thing that started all this current madness and obsession with walking.


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