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Boosh daddy

Alrighty, so now that I’ve got my Garmin and can actually walk an accurate 15 miles instead of “15 miles” based on an estimated stride length, I now know that I was shorting my distance by a few miles each walk. This also means that my actual speed is quite a bit slower than I had previously thought.

Which sucks.

That also makes walking 100 miles in a day a lot less realistic, because I’d have to go at a pace of 4.17 miles per hour, and I don’t think I can do that. Especially for 24 hours.

So here’s a more realistic goal: walking 100 kilometers in a day. That’s 60.2 miles, and at my current pace of 15 miles per four hours, that’s about 16 hours’ worth of walking (assuming I can keep my pace that whole time, which I suspect I can).

I bet I could pull that off, huh? My only concern is the leg…would that set back all the progress I’ve made in getting it to the point where it doesn’t (usually) hurt on my walks?

Maybe we’ll see.



I love things like this.

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More specifically: I C H I R O!

The Mariners played the Athletics in Japan as the first official game of the season. Ichiro got to play for a little bit. It was pretty cool.

Also, I guess this means that my “fake” baseball season with my Canadian teams will not include this first game (and tomorrow’s second game), ‘cause I STILL DON’T HAVE ALL MY TEAMS FIGURED OUT.

Gotta get on it.

Did I also mention that I want to design logos for all my fake teams, ‘cause I’m weird like that?


That won’t happen right at the start, but is definitely something I want to do as the season progresses.


Disney (and Pixar), why?

The Toy Story trilogy was fine as it was. We got our character arcs. We got closure. We got the furnace scene, which, in my opinion, was the most heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever seen in a “kid’s” movie (and some kid’s movies are goddamn terrifying).

I get that your whole thing is just making as much money as possible off of nostalgia, which is unfortunately something that is happening more and more now that entertainment makers are realizing that millennials love nostalgic shit, but Toy Story?

My beloved Toy Story, which was finished with a nice little bow already and did not need to be torn open and sewn together into a sloppy fourth movie?

I am disappoint.


So last night I had a dream in which as I was heading to my calc class to teach, I realized that there had been a “substitute” teacher scheduled for today (I guess because the person who was originally supposed to teach the course needed to be gone that day and had booked the sub in advance). I was a little bit nervous about this because I thought my students might like this dude more, so I decided to just go to class and pretend I was a student so that I could see how well he taught.

I go in there and sit in one of the empty seats. For whatever reason, the attendance is really low that day—maybe 30 or so students are there—so it’s pretty easy to just kind of sit in the corner alone.

This dude puts up some PowerPoint slides and starts in on teaching, but is quickly interrupted by students asking him “why do your notes look different than Claudia’s?” or “why don’t you make your notes like Claudia?” or “why can’t you teach it the way Claudia teaches it?”

This devolves into the students asking him where I am, so I decide to blow my cover (I’m wearing a hat—the perfect disguise!) to tell them that I’m here, but I’ll just be observing that day. The students don’t really like that and keep insisting that I should teach instead of this guy.

So the guy kind of just looks at them and says something like, “am I really that bad?” and when the students affirm this, he just breaks down crying and goes to hide behind some of the desks.

I follow him and just try to console him, telling him it’s nothing personal, it’s just that the students have had me teach all semester and were used to that style. He keeps crying, so eventually I just ask him if he wants me to take over for him. He nods, and I go up to the front of the room and start teaching. I actually end up teaching regression, which is not what I should have been teaching them, obviously (the room was clearly my calc room and not my stats room), but then I woke up.

To me, it’s clear that in this dream, the dude represents me and my thoughts/concerns about being a good math instructor, whereas “me” represents how I feel about teaching stats. One feels competent (at least, competent enough), the other feels like a royal failure.


Thanks, brain.


It feels


to be able to walk outside and not fight hypothermia the whole way.

Seriously, if you ever hear me complain about any temperatures higher than -10 again, punch me in the face.


(Warning: it’s another music/Sennheisers blog. Deal with it.)

Me: these Sennheisers are fantastic. There is no way you can make music sound any better.
YouTube: May we recommend 8D songs?
Me: holy shifshlfahdflksdfhfalrjweaosdfamc

8D songs are edited in a way to make it sound like the music is oscillating around you and to give you the illusion that you’re listening to it live.

The trick is to wear headphones while listening. And as I’m sure you’re expecting me to say, these Sennheisers really make these songs sound ridiculous.

It’s like you’re not even wearing headphones. I can’t explain it. You’ve got to listen.

I’m obsessed with these headphones and how music sounds on them and I’m not sorry.

Got Milk?

So I was 99% sure I blogged about this commercial not too long ago when I’d learned that Nate had never seen it before, but a search of my posted blogs and my [insert embarrassingly large number here] blogs I still need to post shows no signs of it. Also, I saw a dude nomming the hell out of a peanut butter sandwich in the hall today, which reminded me of this in the first place, so here we go.

Y’all remember this commercial?

I remember my friends and I shouting muffled “Aaron Burr”’s at each other on the playground ‘cause the internet wasn’t really a thing yet and we needed some sort of entertainment source to mimic.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Other flowers are other hues.

(Sorry, I dreamt that goddamn stupid rhyme and I don’t have anything else to say today. Also, I’m a month late for actual Valentine’s day, THANKS BRAIN YOU SLACKER.)

The March List? Ugh, screw it.

  • U of C: Safety First!


  • I need to hurry up and finish naming the rest of my fake baseball teams so I can simulate my fake season.
  • I’ve fallen back down the rabbit hole that is Riverdale. Nate and I stopped watching in the middle of season 2 because we were like WTF, but I’ve watched so many reviews on how absolutely terrible season 3 is that I just had to see it for myself. Crappy teen dramas are kind of my thing, anyway.
  • It’s really nice to be able to actually enjoy my walks again instead of fighting off hypothermia for four hours.
  • Look at how FREAKING CUTE the tomatoes on this packet look.


  • I want to jump off a cliff.

K bye.


Me: I am so obscenely busy right now that I barely have time to sleep

Also me: Ooh, let’s learn LaTeX!

Yeah, I know, I should already know LaTeX, I know. I’m a bad person. But this is the same problem I ran into with learning how to write dynamic WebWork questions: it’s something tedious and coding-like and I absolutely love doing it, but it takes a long time to do it when you’re first learning it.

I shall try to put off the real learning/adventuring until I have a bit more free time, instead of, you know, trying to re-write all my math and stats notes in LaTeX prior to the start of the next semester.

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Read it.

I am 100% convinced that my shitty GRE scores were the reason that I didn’t get into any US schools for grad school. BUT LOOK WHO HAS TWO MASTERS DEGREES AND IS SUCCESSFULLY TEACHING MATH/STATS AT A UNIVERSITY NOW, HUH?

Sorry, it’s been a decade and I’m still bitter about the fact that the GRE results outweighed everything else that was stellar about my undergrad performance.

And I’m finally going to say that my undergraduate performance was stellar, ‘cause it fucking was.

Fight me, standardized testing.

Also, for anyone else going into STEM who thinks the GRE belongs in the toilet and should not be used as a factor for deciding admission: check here.



Love it.

This brings me back to high school when our band played an arrangement of this song for the class of 2005 graduation ceremony (our 2006 class got something much less cool; I think it was a Pirates of the Caribbean medley, ‘cause that was super popular back then).

I wish I would have kept the sheet music. The 3rd clarinet part was super cool.

(Also, sorry not sorry for all the music posts lately. Blame the Sennheisers.)


Is the semester over yet?

It’s a hipster party / who could ask for more / everybody’s vegan, leave your plaid shirts at the door

I had a shit day, but this is hilarious.

The comments are full of people arguing about beards, so yeah.

Oh, Twitter

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that made me just go “HAH” out loud. I love it.

Ben Bailey

So a few days ago I was listening to Brian Regan on Youtube, right? Because of that, I had a new recommended video today:

I clicked on it ‘cause I thought “what the hell” and definitely wasn’t expecting to find it as enjoyable as I did. Starts out a little slow, but definitely picks up. His restless leg syndrome bit and the whole road rage thing at the end is pretty great. Give him a try!


I’ve been watching a lot of clips of Whose Line Is It Anyway on YouTube lately. Here’s a set of three videos highlighting the times when the crew (mostly Drew) end up laughing uncontrollably (mostly because of Colin).

Wayne completely losing it in the background of some of these is great.