So like a week ago I was going through my bookmarks and found that I still had on there. Well, today I have absolutely nothing exciting to say (what else is new?), so I guess I’ll just give you some of my favorite bookmarks.

750 Words: A website that encourages you to write 750 words a day.

Acme Klein Bottle: get Klein bottles of any size here!

CBC Music Streams: streaming music from CBC, organized by genre. Only available in Canada, though.

DeepLeap: random letters are given to you and you need to make words out of them.

Doll Divine: do you like dress-up games? I do, haha. Here’s a ton of them.

Metronome Online: for my musically-inclined readers.

PatrickJMT: math tutorials!

Powder Game: have fun with all sorts of powder powers.

RSOE EDIS: live disaster updates from all over the world.

Visual Formal Logic: understand formal logic with Venn diagrams.

TTSReader: text-to-speech!


Bah. Garbage blogger is garbage.


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