I’m too stressed out to make a normal blog post, so have some internet stuff.

Glitter chocolate bars!

I wish more people realized that how you compose an email says a lot about you and can either get you want you want or get you exactly the opposite.

This is hysterical. I love when you see their little feet sneak in on the side to try and save their friend from the madness they’ve created.

I found a playlist on YouTube of all the MST3K shorts and I can’t stop laughing. My dad bought a bunch of MST3K on DVD back when I was a kid and my favorite part of them was whenever they did a “short,” which was usually some sort of after school special or a short little informative thing on how something is made. Favorites include “Why Study Industrial Arts,” “The Chicken of Tomorrow,” “A Date with Your Family,” and “Cheating.”

I pretty much love all these eyeshadows.

Incredibly satisfying.

How many trees are there?


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