Witty title? Nope.

I AM DEAD from that freaking test, man.

Have some of my favorite bookmarks, ‘cause I’m pretty much worthless for anything else today.

  • 5 Second Films. Because they’re the best.
  • This site gives you letters one by one and you have to make words out of them in a timed environment.
  • Dogwood Ceramics. Want clay and glaze and related art tools? This is the place!
  • Want to look at recipes? Foodgawker!
  • I’ve linked to this before, but if you want to read fiction with a mathematical theme, go here!
  • Powder Game. I remember Aaron playing this for HOURS when we first discovered it.
  • A list of good redwood hikes, in case you ever get to northern California and want to see some amazing trees.
  • Wind map for the US.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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