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Squidward is a Millennial

Change my mind.

The best part about that idea is that Squidward existed prior to the generally agreed-upon “lower limit” of the Millennial (SpongeBob started in 1999; most of the definitions of “Millennial” I’ve seen use the birth year range of early 1980s to early 2000s). This means that many Millennials grew up on a healthy dose of SpongeBob.

Perhaps we imprinted on Squidward! There’s your scapegoat, angry and critical Boomers. ‘Twas SpongeBob Squarepants all along.


Nostalgia, anyone? [had to link a new one ’cause the old one got taken down]

I recognize about 97% of these. I used to watch a lot of Spongebob.

Sorry, it’s been a crappy day and this is all I’ve got right now.

SpongeCake SquarePan

These guys have made some action re-makes of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes.

They’re fantastic. Example:

The guy who plays SpongeBob does a freakishly good “panicked SpongeBob cry” (2:31).


I’m assuming this thing is creepy when you’re not sleep deprived, but it’s extra creepy when you are, lemme tell ya.


You know what’s great on a 20 mile walk? Having this damn song stuck in your head. On repeat. FOR THE ENTIRE 4.5 HOURS.


Also, this was the music video running through my head when I took a shower this evening:

2007, anyone?

Sometimes the Web is deep, man.

What the hell, internet.

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Stop the presses! Halt the copying machine! Don’t press CONTROL+P!

So I had this huge blog all planned out regarding my discovery that Microsoft Word recognizes “Spongebob” as a word.

That is, until I realized that I’d actually added the word awhile ago when I was typing a document that was heavy in the usage of the word “Spongebob” and had gotten sick of seeing the word underlined in red.


Silly girl.


I’d give you a survey, but I can’t find one worthy of my “humorous” responses.
That and I’m lazy.
Well maybe it’s—
Yeah. I’m lazy.

And I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t ask why I was typing a document that involved the heavy usage of the word “Spongebob.”


Trickery regarding sex is fun. And yes, Nick’s name is indeed “Brother Viagra.” That alone is funny. Read each line one at a time to get the full effect of an MSN conversation.

Brother Viagra says: guess what?
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: What?
Brother Viagra says: valarie’s in my room!!
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: Now?
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: It’s 8 AM
Brother Viagra says: i know
Brother Viagra says: lol
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: Oooh, tell me, tell me! Did you guys have some fun?
Brother Viagra says: okay I’ll tell you
Brother Viagra says: but don’t be shocked
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: Okay
Brother Viagra says: we got home from the show at around midnight
Brother Viagra says: she was tired and so was I, but we had been making out at the show
Brother Viagra says: so I go, “I’m really tired”
Brother Viagra says: and she goes “me too”
Brother Viagra says: and then she goes “let’s do something to wake ourselves back up”
Brother Viagra says: so we fool around in the kitchen for awhile
Brother Viagra says: then we go to bed and have some amazingly hot…
Brother Viagra says: steamy…
Brother Viagra says: stimulating…
Brother Viagra says: coffee
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: Haha!
Brother Viagra says: had you going there, didn’t I?
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: Completely.
Brother Viagra says: so we were jazzed up all night and we’ve been up until now.
“noobs;” is a command in SAS!! says: You’re hilarious.
Brother Viagra says: i know 

Also this:

Not as good as the Yogi Bear thing, but I still think it’s hilarious.
“What the fuck would Kevin Bacon do?!”