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People Suck (Part II)

So we got rear-ended this evening by some jackass who decided to flee the scene before we were even able to look up and see the car that did it.

The guy hit us on my side, shattering the back light and bending the right-side frame of the car so that both the trunk and back door no longer open. We think he was trying to change lanes ‘cause he didn’t want to stop in line and nailed us as he peeled out from behind us.

So now we think the car will be totaled, so who knows what’ll happen after that. The worst part is that my mom and I were planning on driving about 30 minutes outside of Tucson tomorrow for a 5k charity race. Obviously that’s not going to happen, which freaking sucks.

Karmic backlash for something, probably. At least neither of us got hurt.