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UGH it was hard to leave Calgary. Holy crap.

Now I’m in the Seattle airport. Actually, I’ve been in the Seattle airport for five hours at this point. EXCITING LIFE, Y’ALL.

For anyone who cares, I’ll be in Moscow by mid-afternoon today and will be there until January 10th.

Blah. I should be more excited since I’m in an airport and I love airports, but I don’t really enjoy flying anymore. Plus I didn’t want to leave Calgary.

Shenanigans at 30,000 feet

I am SO sick of flying. Still not sick of airports, though.

On the flight up from Tucson to Seattle I sat next to this 60-something-year-old lady who kept pulling those little mini vodkas out of her purse and kept getting progressively more drunk the closer we got to Seattle.

Some of the highlights included:

  • When she took a paper Burger King crown out of her purse, put it on and shouted, “I’m the co-pilot!”
  • When she looked down the front of her own shirt and whispered, “I’ve found me Lucky Charms!”
  • Her telling me all about her three sons for about fifteen minutes, then laughing hysterically and saying, “I’m just kidding! They’re daughters.”
  • When she finally fell dead asleep about 30 minutes out from Seattle and slumped down so far in her seat that she would have slid out onto the floor had there been more leg room.


Exciting times. I also got to sit in Sea-Tac for like five hours. As usual.