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Let’s Play “What’s In My Drawer?”

So my “work at home desk” is the dining room table, meaning that I’m on the completely opposite side of our main room. I’m also right next to one of my little drawer towers. The drawers are semi-transparent, meaning I can see all the stuff in them. They’ve been driving me crazy for the past few months because all the stuff in them have been very disorganized, so tonight I decided to take everything out and re-organize it all.

Thus, you get pictures of some of my random crap, ‘cause I’m too antsy and panicky and sad to blog about anything else today.

A space pen! I’ve had this for a long, long time. Like, at least two decades, I think. And it still writes!

My “I voted” sticker from the 2012 election. I wish I’d gotten a sticker for the 2020 election, but I did an electronic download of my ballot due to all the post office nonsense, so I didn’t get a sticker mailed to me.

A bunch of Euros! These are from…I don’t know. I think some of them probably came from my dad, since he sometimes brings me currency from all the coolio places he goes. Maybe they were from when we went to Sweden/Finland/England back in 2003 (?), but I remember using Kroner and pounds instead of Euros…I think…I can’t remember.

The manual thingy that came with my bundle of Half-Life CDs from way back when. Remember PC games that came on CDs instead of Steam?

A card from the tattoo/piercing shop where Aaron and I got our piercings back in 2008. That was a fun little road trip.

I was super into The Guggenheim Grotto back in 2007. I bought a physical copy of this CD because the texture of the CD case was awesome. Look at how pretty that is!

My graduation tassels from my psych degree and my philosophy degree. I didn’t get one for my math degree (2012) because I didn’t go to graduation and didn’t go pick up my graduation crap. I was having a bad end of the semester and was inundated with papers to grade from STAT 251, so yeah. Would’ve been nice to have one, though.


Three Tiny Things for One Tiny Blog Post

One: This would make a beautiful tattoo. I love cardioids.

Two: “Steamed Hams Inc.” came on over shuffle while I was walking today and it made me remember what a treasure of the internet that song/video is.

Three: I feel like I will never be able to understand math the way a true mathematician understands math. I was hoping that my understanding and intuition of math would improve as I took more math courses (especially ones outside the more narrow focus of mathematical statistics, such as complex analysis), but I don’t think it ever really did. Maybe my focus was still too narrow, or maybe I’m lacking some basic fundamentals that help tie everything together. Or maybe I just don’t think like a mathematician. Or maybe even I’m still letting that basal fear of math that I’ve always had buried in my psyche prevent me from being able to look at math from different angles. Who knows. But it’s sad and embarrassing.

Materialism: November 2019 Edition

HEYOOOOOO so it’s time for my monthly-ish “I want material things” blog, ‘cause why the hell not. It’s a good way to keep a list of things I like in case I ever do go on a little shopping spree.

Let’s go!

Is that all? Haha, I was thinking there was more.

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la BLOG

We have a Christmas tree!

I also have more crap to put on my trinket shelf.

What is my trinket shelf, you ask? It’s a shelf full of random items I’ve gathered over the years. Behold! (Clicky clicky to make it bigger)

Let me guide you through this nonsense, because some of it’s obvious on the picture and some of it’s not.

  1. A glass Santa paperweight my dad got me a looooong time ago.
  2. This doesn’t really belong on the shelf, but I tend to keep it there anyway. It’s a thing that measures the ambient temperature of whatever it’s pointed at.
  3. A glass seal that my mom gave me.
  4. A little glow-in-the-dark kitty with angel wings. I think it used to be a pin but the back fell off. I can’t bear to part with cats of any sort, so I kept it.
  5. A pinecone. Because yeah.
  6. A keychain from Sweden (that’s missing the keychain part).
  7. A deer-shaped basket. This was just added to the shelf!
  8. Rocks.
  9. LEIBNIZ STAMP. The most important thing on the shelf.
  10. Totoro plushie with my “I Voted” sticker from this year’s election.
  11. A rubber ball for dogs. Nate and I both bought dog toys for ourselves at one of the pet stores up here, because we’re adults and we can do whatever we want.
  12. It’s hard to see on the pic, but the ball is propped up by a small roll of silver tape.
  14. Buddhas from Hawaii.
  15. A cat that my mom’s old co-worker gave to me.
  16. A rainbow butterfly that Nate gave me back around the time we first met.
  17. A random golf ball.
  18. A sponge that I rescued from the road (I know, I know, gross.)
  19. Another rescued sponge.
  20. Pusheen tags.
  21. A duck that was originally Nate’s.
  22. Pusheen!
  23. A green guitar pick I found on the sidewalk.
  24. The piece of fabric underlying everything is one I’ve been carrying around since like 1999 because I like the pattern.

I don’t know how Nate puts up with me.



I have nothing of interest to blog about today, so you get another “here’s crap I’d buy if I had extra money” list. Enjoy.


More sequins!

A poster based on the movie Sunshine

As soon as these are back in stock, I’m getting one!

Totoro keychain!

I already have a walking backpack, but this would be a good backup.

This site has a lot of cool things!


Okay, that’s all. Sorry my blogs suck.

[insert nonsensical keyboard mash here]

It’s time for the not-quite-semi-yearly “Claudia feels materialistic” blog post!

(Note: I don’t actually need any of this, I just like to look at pretty things.)

Ready? GO!

iPhone 5s. I’m on the fence about getting a smart phone (not any time soon; when I can afford it, that is). I want one because they’re cool and useful, but I don’t want one because Claudia + constant access to the internet = disaster AND because I would probably damage it somehow within a month or so of getting it. Even so, I’m keeping my eye on the iPhone 5s as an option. I want the iPhone 4 because I love the shape, but no one sells them anymore and the software probably doesn’t even update anymore, either (that’s happening with my 2012 iPod, at least). So if I DO get a smart phone, the iPhone 5s is where it’s at.


The new iPod Touch. I don’t need one (and hopefully won’t for a long while), but I’ve had my current iPod since February 2012. Probabilistically, with all the walking I do (I use it as a pedometer and keep it in my back pocket), it’s going to get broken one of these days. Which would be sad. But if/when that happens, I’d like to get one of the new models. Probably in silver (since I’d just be covering it in a case, anyway). Of course, if I get an iPhone before that, I’d probably just use that as my pedometer, though I’d be really paranoid about breaking it.


I guess the one thing on this list I kind of need is a new desktop computer. Mine died like a month ago—which is okay, considering it survived like 7 moves around the continent and is old enough to still have Vista on it—but I need a new one. Preferably one that can run Fallout 4 once it comes out.

Fractal socks!


Rainbow socks! My old ones got holey a long time ago and I need replacements.


Abstract socks!


These two books on the history of statistics.

The end!