Three Tiny Things for One Tiny Blog Post

One: This would make a beautiful tattoo. I love cardioids.

Two: “Steamed Hams Inc.” came on over shuffle while I was walking today and it made me remember what a treasure of the internet that song/video is.

Three: I feel like I will never be able to understand math the way a true mathematician understands math. I was hoping that my understanding and intuition of math would improve as I took more math courses (especially ones outside the more narrow focus of mathematical statistics, such as complex analysis), but I don’t think it ever really did. Maybe my focus was still too narrow, or maybe I’m lacking some basic fundamentals that help tie everything together. Or maybe I just don’t think like a mathematician. Or maybe even I’m still letting that basal fear of math that I’ve always had buried in my psyche prevent me from being able to look at math from different angles. Who knows. But it’s sad and embarrassing.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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