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Read it.

I am 100% convinced that my shitty GRE scores were the reason that I didn’t get into any US schools for grad school. BUT LOOK WHO HAS TWO MASTERS DEGREES AND IS SUCCESSFULLY TEACHING MATH/STATS AT A UNIVERSITY NOW, HUH?

Sorry, it’s been a decade and I’m still bitter about the fact that the GRE results outweighed everything else that was stellar about my undergrad performance.

And I’m finally going to say that my undergraduate performance was stellar, ‘cause it fucking was.

Fight me, standardized testing.

Also, for anyone else going into STEM who thinks the GRE belongs in the toilet and should not be used as a factor for deciding admission: check here.


Flu shots are BOGUS, I have the immune system of Zeus!

(A “Claudia is hyper” blog follows. You’ve been warned.)

Can you blister your eardrums with hot, hot tunes?

(That chord at 2:32 makes me super happy. Also, we’re playing this in Concert Band)

I will not be able to hear by the time I’m 30.

[Insert me not giving a crap and cranking the volume higher]

Also, I got all my Amazon stuff at once.


GRE material, Leibniz-related shenanigans, and Metalocalypse.

Yup, sounds about right.

Edit: oh my god, these season 4 extras are great. “It’s a nice night for flying around in a cuuuuuube!”

We Found Dove in a Soapless Place

I want to take the SAT again. Actually, I want to (read: need to) take the GRE again, but before that I want to see how I’d do on the SATs now compared to how I did back when I thought college was dumb and thus didn’t care about some stupid standardized test that required me to sit locked in a room for like five hours on a Saturday back in 2005 (2006?).

Oh my, times change.

And so do the focus topics of these blogs (though this is somewhat related to the SAT): why in the hell don’t some colleges accept students pursuing a second Bachelor’s degrees? Taken directly from the University of Chicago’s “transfer students” page: “Students who already have a Bachelor’s degree are not eligible to apply to the undergraduate College at the University of Chicago as the College does not grant second Bachelor’s degrees.” I have found similarly-worded disclaimers on many college’s transfer students pages. I don’t understand.

It’s not like the students getting their second (or third, or fourth, etc.) degrees aren’t going to, you know, pay the school tuition fees. Seriously! It’s not like having that initial degree somehow exempts them from handing the new school thousands and thousands of dollars.

And what other possible issues could there be to preclude already degreed students from returning to further their education? Are they afraid they’re going to take spots away from first-timers? Is it a credit issue? Are these schools afraid that the returning students are going to whip through the curriculum because their core classes/credits/whatever will have already been taken care of during their first degree? If that’s the case, then I see at least one major flaw with this logic: these schools still accept transfer students who have completed some (most often, at least a year or two) schooling at another university or community college. These students have no “upper limit” on how many credits they have already completed. Hell, they could be one class away from a Bachelor’s degree and still be able to be accepted by the new school.

So if it’s a money thing, what the hell? If it’s a credit thing, what the hell? Unless I’m just being dense (which is a real possibility) and missing something major, I really don’t understand why schools don’t let those who have already completed degrees get another degree.


I want more undergrad, dammit!

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+900 in Negative Karma!

Good thing to know: waking up 5 minutes before you’re scheduled to take the GRE leads to super crappy GRE scores.


Fuck this, I don’t want to talk about it.

Who’s ready for the GRE?!

Well I’m sure as heck not. That’s why I bought some flashcards and such today. Luckily, you can take it five times in a twelve-month span, so I think I’ll be okay.


Goal score: 1400+


Plus I have to take the subject test on psychology. Well, I don’t have to, but the colleges I want to go to recommend it. Crap.