Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la BLOG

We have a Christmas tree!

I also have more crap to put on my trinket shelf.

What is my trinket shelf, you ask? It’s a shelf full of random items I’ve gathered over the years. Behold! (Clicky clicky to make it bigger)

Let me guide you through this nonsense, because some of it’s obvious on the picture and some of it’s not.

  1. A glass Santa paperweight my dad got me a looooong time ago.
  2. This doesn’t really belong on the shelf, but I tend to keep it there anyway. It’s a thing that measures the ambient temperature of whatever it’s pointed at.
  3. A glass seal that my mom gave me.
  4. A little glow-in-the-dark kitty with angel wings. I think it used to be a pin but the back fell off. I can’t bear to part with cats of any sort, so I kept it.
  5. A pinecone. Because yeah.
  6. A keychain from Sweden (that’s missing the keychain part).
  7. A deer-shaped basket. This was just added to the shelf!
  8. Rocks.
  9. LEIBNIZ STAMP. The most important thing on the shelf.
  10. Totoro plushie with my “I Voted” sticker from this year’s election.
  11. A rubber ball for dogs. Nate and I both bought dog toys for ourselves at one of the pet stores up here, because we’re adults and we can do whatever we want.
  12. It’s hard to see on the pic, but the ball is propped up by a small roll of silver tape.
  14. Buddhas from Hawaii.
  15. A cat that my mom’s old co-worker gave to me.
  16. A rainbow butterfly that Nate gave me back around the time we first met.
  17. A random golf ball.
  18. A sponge that I rescued from the road (I know, I know, gross.)
  19. Another rescued sponge.
  20. Pusheen tags.
  21. A duck that was originally Nate’s.
  22. Pusheen!
  23. A green guitar pick I found on the sidewalk.
  24. The piece of fabric underlying everything is one I’ve been carrying around since like 1999 because I like the pattern.

I don’t know how Nate puts up with me.


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