Six hours of studying statistics leads to this insanity

HELLO MySpace land! It’s nice to be able to actually publish these things as I write them and not have to save them in Word. Super happy am I.


So I spent all morning/afternoon/early part of evening doing stats-related stuff, so when I came home I decided to do something that was also fun but in a totally different way.



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I actually uploaded something to YouTube. Audacity + Fireflies + love for electronic music = this. As my comments say, sorry if it sucks, but Audacity is in no way Garage Band and I have never remixed anything in my life. So yeah.

Be kind!


Today’s song: Fireflies (My Remix Version Thingy Dunno What to Call it Yet) by Owl City, remixed by me. Mainly because I didn’t have time to go find another song today.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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