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I can’t help it if I find good music, yo. Y’all are just going to have to deal with the music blog posts sometimes.


VOCES8 is my new favorite thing.

Sleepyhead Remix: A Forgotten Happy

So as I’m sure many of you know, I’m all about the Sleepyhead remixes. I have approximately 25 or so of them.

Well, I just re-discovered this one and forgot how good it was. Check it out:

Love that violin chorus.

Passion Pit Live?

Hahaha, look at these nerds, I love it.

That screw up at the beginning makes it even more endearing. AND I LOVE THE BELLS.

Edit: apparently they (Passion Pit) make fun of this performance all the time and say it’s the worst they’ve ever done.


That opening is beautiful. I really like this song. It’s my second favorite Passion Pit song.

(Can you guess which is my favorite?)


It’s been awhile, but…

What I say: I love Passion Pit

What I mean: Sleepyhead. I love Sleepyhead.


I have a problem.

The Sleepyhead Remixes are Making a Comeback!

“Making a comeback” in the sense that I haven’t downloaded any in quite some time.

And yeah, there’s only one “remix” on here, but screw it!

If his obscenely beautiful voice doesn’t make you cry, there’s something wrong with you.

Haha, unexpected mashup at the end there. Cool.

TWSB: Who Let the Dogs Out? Boston Dynamics, Apparently

OH GOD THEY’RE BACK. And with their scariest rendition of “dog” robots yet.


“When fully developed the system will carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile missions in rough terrain. […] AlphaDog is designed to be over 10x quieter than BigDog.”

Every time those guys push or kick it I expected ROBOT RETALIATION! Then I saw it right itself and I felt the need to run. Fast.

Here’s an article that expresses a similar degree of “OMFGWE’REALLGOINGTODIE” as me.

30-Day Meme – Day 1: Your favorite song.
Hahaha, I think we all know my answer to this one. Sleepyhead, by Passion Pit, is what I take to be the epitome of musical awesomeness. Here are the reasons I like it:
1. It’s short. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a fan of shorter songs over longer ones. Sleepyhead clocks in at just under three minutes. I think I tend to like shorter songs because they’re harder for me to get sick of.

2. Good tempo + good beat. Any song with a steady, unwavering time signature is always a winner for me. I don’t like songs that have a great momentum going on and then break things down by either losing the back beat, slowing down, or having the singer stop their singing to rap/talk/go to the bathroom. Sleepyhead stays the same through its duration. That makes me happy.

3. That FREAKING CHORUS. I admit that I didn’t automatically like Sleepyhead when I first downloaded it as an iTunes freebie back in February of 2009. I remember my first listen through and thinking “okay, this song has a nice beat, but there’s nothing too special about it.” Then it hit 1:21 and I fell in love with the chorus. I still love the chorus. I NEED the chorus. I would make sweet, sweet love 24/7 to the chorus.

I would also make sweet, sweet love to the following remixes, which heavily utilize warping the chorus into new and fantastically shocking eargasm-giving sex toys: Cillo, Jazzsteppa, Neo Tokyo.

Haha, okay, I’m done.

Say No to Deep Space

Issues: I have them.

Because I have 9 (yes, 9) remixes/covers of Sleepyhead in addition to the original itself, I figured it’s about time I give you guys links to all the versions I find fantastic. Ordered from most favorite to absolute total favorite.

Note: it was really hard to rank these, as any remix that even touches this song automatically gets 40,000 awesome points (that’s a lot).

10. Sleepyhead (Matt Sweeny Remix)
Slooooowed down.

9. Sleepyhead (DCDJ Remix)
A fairly chill remix…slower, less intense, but still very nice.

8. Sleepyhead (Little Vampire Remix)
Sleepyhead + a bit more techno = awesome.

7. Sleepyhead (Streetlab Remix)
Missing the main chorus, which is the best part, but I do like how fast it is in comparison to the rest.

6. Sleepyhead (Le Chev Remix)
Just found this one. Another fairly chilled out interpretation.

5. Sleepyhead (Run Toto Run Cover)

4. Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix)
2:17? Yeah, my heart skipped a few beats there.

3. Sleepyhead (Jazzsteppa Remix)
They took the chorus, extended it, and infused it with cocaine.

2. Sleepyhead (Cillo Remix)  
So chill. As soon as this comes up in my playlist, my blood pressure drops to dangerously low levels.

1. Sleepyhead 
No words needed here.

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There is only one song cooler than the Sleepyhead Jazzsteppa remix.

And that is Sleepyhead.

Why does this song and its variants continue to rule my soul?

Also: Tinn-R makes me incredibly happy.
Also also: grant proposals blow. BUT I’m eligible for funding from the National Science Foundation because Quantitative Psychology is a branch of psychology they consider as “science.”

Oh…oh god…

Somebody took some hallucinogens and then remixed Sleepyhead.


At least, that’s what it sounds like.


This is the best remix of this song I’ve heard, and I’ve heard most of them.

This makes me obscenely happy. It gives me tingly feelings in my nether-regions, I kid you not.

Musical Ecstasy

Have you ever sat down and listened to Sleepyhead?
I mean really listened to it, like “going to a quiet place and cranking up your headphones so you can hear every facet of the song perfectly” listened to it?

It’s freaking magnificent, isn’t it? Say what you will, but so far it holds the definition of what a perfect song should be. It’s only flaw is that it’s too damn short.
Haha, sorry, I’m just in love with that damn song.

Holy shit.

This is, without a doubt, the most addicting song I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s one of iTunes’ freebies songs this week, and I advise you to download it now, before you go crazy after not listening to it for five minutes. Yeah, it may not sound so great when you first hear it, but listen to it again.

Go on, do it.



You want more, don’t you?

Yeah, it was like that with me. Its playcount is up to 32 and I’ve had it for a little over three hours.


(Two years later edit: total playcount over both Vaios is well over 1,000)