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(Warning: it’s another music/Sennheisers blog. Deal with it.)

Me: these Sennheisers are fantastic. There is no way you can make music sound any better.
YouTube: May we recommend 8D songs?
Me: holy shifshlfahdflksdfhfalrjweaosdfamc

8D songs are edited in a way to make it sound like the music is oscillating around you and to give you the illusion that you’re listening to it live.

The trick is to wear headphones while listening. And as I’m sure you’re expecting me to say, these Sennheisers really make these songs sound ridiculous.

It’s like you’re not even wearing headphones. I can’t explain it. You’ve got to listen.

I’m obsessed with these headphones and how music sounds on them and I’m not sorry.

Claudia’s Semi-Regular Music Dump


So this year is still going strong as being an exceptionally good year for music, so you get some tracks ‘cause I’m a nice person who just happens to have absolutely nothing else to blog about today.


  • It’s been a long while since I’ve picked up a Fireflies remix.
  • Electronica Green Day? This one works.
  • Have some Holst.
  • HANS ZIMMER, WHY YOU GOTTA MAKE SUCH HEART-WRENCHING MUSIC???? Beyond 1:40, I cranked it so loud that I think I almost blew out my headphones. And, you know, my eardrums.
  • And finally: I’ve already given this song its own blog post awhile back, but there are five-star songs, and then there are Five Star songs. This is the latter. I just love this song.


Six hours of studying statistics leads to this insanity

HELLO MySpace land! It’s nice to be able to actually publish these things as I write them and not have to save them in Word. Super happy am I.


So I spent all morning/afternoon/early part of evening doing stats-related stuff, so when I came home I decided to do something that was also fun but in a totally different way.



Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I actually uploaded something to YouTube. Audacity + Fireflies + love for electronic music = this. As my comments say, sorry if it sucks, but Audacity is in no way Garage Band and I have never remixed anything in my life. So yeah.

Be kind!


Today’s song: Fireflies (My Remix Version Thingy Dunno What to Call it Yet) by Owl City, remixed by me. Mainly because I didn’t have time to go find another song today.


This song rocks.

Another beautiful iTunes single

Here is this week’s stunning iTunes single. Get it before it costs money! Or get it after that, even, it’s that good.

This is how slow electronic SHOULD sound.