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Ooh, I like it.

Nothing Else Matters is one of those songs that I absolutely love but also has some shit memories attached to it, since Rob introduced it to me and we all know what a disaster of a saga that whole “relationship” was.

So yeah.

Sound of Silence: Pentatonix Version

I like Disturbed’s cover a little bit more because I think they capture the mood of the song a bit better, but this is really good, too!

It’s sad that Avi is gone, but the new dude (Matt, far left) seems cool. I love the surprising bass he hits at 2:02. He didn’t sound like he’d have a bass range until he did that, nice.

Every sponge cake is a waterfall

Holy hell.

  1. That guy sounds so much like Freddie.
  2. This is the only version of this song that rivals the original.
  3. The tone change caused by the Queen style is chilling.

Postmodern Jukebox is a gift we do not deserve.

Weezer, I am Disappoint

There’s nothing wrong with this song, but as a cover, it’s…kinda boring.

And I like Weezer. I like a lot of their songs (favorites include Beverly Hills, Feels Like Summer, Pork and Beans, and Say It Ain’t So). But this just feels so bland. I get that they probably wanted to stay close to the feel of the original because people would likely freak out if Toto was tampered with, but I think you could still get the same vibe across while still making the song different rather than basically just copying everything.

Just my two cents, ’cause what do I know?

Holy Hell

This is Disturbed’s cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. It is amazing.

This gave me chills, seriously. He’s got a beautiful voice.


This song rocks.

This guy is my new hero

Most badass cover of Maps ever.