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Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 8

SO…guess who’s back at the dentist?
(This is the eighth time since the end of May, by the way.)

And today was “let’s try to deal with that problem tooth again!”

I was really, really nervous about it, since it was so resistant to the novocaine last time.

But for whatever reason, everything went a lot better today. Apparently, according to my dentist, this is something that happens with some people. They have a region in their mouth that does not respond to novocaine during one visit, but when they come back sometime later, the novocaine is effective.

So at least it’s not just my mouth being a weird fart.

Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 3

So today was my third visit to the dentist and the goal was to just get a basic teeth cleaning, but my teeth are SO DAMN SENSITIVE AND DAMAGED that we could barely get through the lower teeth (with a hell of a lot of bleeding).

Once they started working on the top teeth, I couldn’t handle the sensitivity, so the dentist said that she might have to deal with the cavities in those upper teeth before I could get the cleaning finished.

So that’s fun.

On the good side, though, my lower teeth are SUPER CLEAN. They haven’t been this clean in like a decade. Wild.

Protected: Ouch: The Redux

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Protected: Ouch

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I know nobody wants to hear this, but cramps freaking blow, especially on the third day of classes.


Who needs blood, anyway?

Today my lower right wisdom tooth hole bled for almost the entire day. I’m not exaggerating when I say I lost about a cup of blood. Ew. And nausea. Lots and lots of nausea.

Plus, I got about two hours of sleep last night because I woke up in the middle of the night with this throbbing death pain in my jaw (or the part of my jaw I could feel). I had taken the pain pills that they had prescribed, but apparently they didn’t do crap for me. So today I took three doodads of Ibuprofen and I felt fine–except for the bleeding, which didn’t stop until a few hours ago.


Stupid wisdom teeth!


I got my wisdom teeth–all four of them–pulled this morning. I was really out of it for about three hours. Apparently I threw up twice. I don’t remember the ride home.

Bleh…I feel crappy.  My whole lower jaw (plus my tongue and lower lip) is numb, so I can’t talk very well at all. I can’t taste anything either. The only thing I can really swallow is Slim Fast.