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I got a huge tax return this year. We’re talking $8,700.

What in the actual hell, Canada.

A good portion of that is going to the furnace/water heater we just had to replace, but what about the rest of it?

(Can I buy a Theremin?)

In This Blog: Claudia Plugs Amazon Mechanical Turk

Ahoy again, faithful readers! (Who probably won’t see this until June when I finally post the damn thing…)

So there’s a site called Mechanical Turk that is run by Amazon. Basically, you can sign up as a worker and do tasks for requesters. Usually the requester’s tasks are things like answering survey questions or other things for companies/universities/etc. If you qualify and complete a task, you get paid by the requester.

So far this totally sounds like a “make money quick” website that’s in actuality a scam, but it’s not! It’s legitimately run through Amazon and you actually do get paid (without giving away your personal information or anything like that). I’ve been using it since mid-2014 (and I actually don’t know why I’ve never blogged about it before) and haven’t had a single issue with it being any sort of scam.

And while you do earn legit money, you definitely don’t earn a lot very quickly, especially if you just do the tasks in your spare time. For example, since the middle of last year when I started using it, I’ve earned a total of $171. The biggest payment for a task that I’ve ever done is $4.00, but most of the ones I do are worth a dollar or 80 cents or something like that. If you take a qualifying test you can be allowed to work on the audio transcription tasks, which are usually worth a lot more ($40+), but I haven’t done that yet because I’m too lazy to do transcriptions, haha.

But yeah, $171 is better than nothing, and it gives you something to do if you have a spare few minutes every night or something like that. And like I said, it’s actually legitimate, and a good way to earn a bit of spare money if you wanted to.


Does the Powerball Qualify as a “Lotto” Money?

Today I drove a car for the first time since summer 2010.

Also, since today was Friday the 13th, my mom and I went to Safeway to buy lotto tickets, as neither of us was feeling particularly unlucky and hey—slight possibility for big bucks. On the way home, we theorized what we’d do with $66 million (that’s what the Powerball is up to as of tonight, I think).

Here’s what I’d do with $66 million:

  • Pay my parents back for all their monetary help over the past year (moving to/back from London, plus various other expenses).
  • Provide each of my good friends with a substantial sum of money with which they can do what they wish.
  • Go back to school! Forever! I’d get all the undergraduate degrees I could, then write about them in a book I’d call Degrees of Freedom. Because I’m awesome like that.
  • Donate to The Humane Society. Or adopt a metric crap ton of cats and just live on a giant cat farm.
  • Give my mom a large enough amount of money so that she could retire.
  • Start a foundation/program to help with homelessness, as described in this blog.
  • Get a car. Preferably of this variety.
  • Acquire tons of clay, tons of clay tools, a pottery wheel, a kiln, and a bunch of glaze. Sculpt to my heart’s content.
  • Get a new iPod, haha.
  • Get a ticket to Burning Man.
  • Donate to the Vandal Marching Band.
  • Donate to the Moscow High School Band.

Probably a bunch of other stuff, too. $66 million is a LOT of money.

What would you do with it?

A Random $1,900 Appears!

As I said on Facebook, random large sums of money appearing in one’s checking account are awesome, except when one does not know the origin of said random large sums.

Yeah, I decided to randomly check my RBC account up in Canada (I’d left exactly $2.90 in there just to keep the account open until tax time) and discovered that that amount had been supplemented an additional $1,900 or so. The record says the money came from UWO, but that’s all the more info I can get.

It was deposited at the end of November; I think I’ll wait until the first of the year to see if another deposit is made at the end of this month and if so, I guess I’ll email somebody there and ask what’s going on. It might all be an error, who knows.

But that would be pretty freaking sweet if it weren’t.

There are some good paying jobs down here that I qualify for, but until I’m hired somewhere, money = nonexistent.

And I want that DNA test thingy; it was supposed to be my present to myself for finishing my Master’s but I never ordered it ‘cause shipping to Canada was like $50 extra.

So we’ll see!