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I got a huge tax return this year. We’re talking $8,700.

What in the actual hell, Canada.

A good portion of that is going to the furnace/water heater we just had to replace, but what about the rest of it?

(Can I buy a Theremin?)

All About the Bordens

WOO, I got my Canadian tax return money!

Spend, save, or 50/50?

– I need another Hume shirt. I use the one I have now for exercising.
– The Brave Little Toaster: Book Form!
– Perchance some Pokemon cards? I miss my Pokemon cards.
– The cutest thing eeeeeever.
– I was a fool and sold back my textbook from my nonparametric stats class way back when. So, the textbook from my nonparametric stats class.

(side note: why is Amazon recommending wedding rings to me? I don’t even have a boyfriend. I don’t even have a guy who I would consider for a possible future boyfriend. I don’t even have any friends.*)

– I might be going back to UI for MOAR DEGREEZ. Saving for that is quite important.
– As would be saving for moving anywhere across the country for a stats job.

I might just leave it all in my Canadian bank account. Emergency Canuck funds and whatnot. Plus it makes me feel like some ridiculously rich fool holding bank accounts in two countries.

*down here in Arizona, at least.


I am once again in shock regarding how difficult seemingly small/simple things can be when handling things across the US/Canadian border.

I’ve posted this video before, but I’m posting it again to support my point (and because it’s pretty cool):

We’re practically conjoined twins. As such, some of the things one might think as difficult to accomplish on an “international” level (like, I don’t know, moving all your possessions + animals across the border in an unmarked white van with suspicious tinted windows*) are surprisingly easy and hassle-free.

Simpler things, like terminating a Canadian cell phone contract (even after waiting until the contract is up), take OMGWTFBBQ-levels of work.

Taxes? They’re kind of in-between. There’s really no way to explain that yes, I lived in Canada last year, but I lived in two different provinces AND I didn’t actually live there on December 31st because I had to go back to the States in October. So I just wrote a nice little note and stuck it in with my return. Hopefully they’ll get the info they need and not send Dudley Do-Right down to Arizona to get me.

…Though that WOULD be entertaining.

Also: “Dr. Binmidnildedindindin.” God I’m glad Metalocalypse is back.

*Yes, this is how I moved all my stuff up for grad school. Big white just-the-right-size-for-bags-of-illegal-substances van, half-drugged cat on a towel, nervous pair of Idahoans in the front seats. Went inside, showed them my passport and study permit, and we were on our way to Vancouver. Same thing happened going to Ontario.