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Sometimes I swear I can hear Annabelle purrting in the other room.

Other times I can’t conjure the sound of her in my head and I worry that I’m forgetting her.

I miss Annabelle.

And I am very, very sad.


Sweet little Annabelle is no longer with us.

My dad called this afternoon and said that she’d taken a pretty bad turn for the worse and he and Peter made the decision (with input from the vet, of course) to have her put down. I feel incredibly guilty for not being there with her at the end.

Annabelle has been part of my life since 2000. She was my girl. Now she’s gone.

That’s going to be a hard thing to deal with.

I feel really bad for my dad, too. He loved Annabelle. I’ve gone with my mom multiple times to have a kitty or dog put to sleep when it was time, but my dad has never had to do that. The abruptness with which they pass from life to death is a shock. I hope he’s doing okay.

RIP Bell-Bell. You were a unique, wonderful creature.



I have some bad news, y’all.

My sweet little Annabelle had a stroke and isn’t doing too well right now.

Peter called my mom and told her that they were taking her to the vet the other day because she was walking funny and acting strange, and it sounds like the cause of that was a stroke, not something simpler/treatable like a thyroid issue as we were originally hoping.

So I’m not sure how much longer she’s got, and it’s making me so, so sad. I’ve just spent the past hour or so crying.

Poor little thing. Send her good thoughts, huh?


Good lord, I had a bad dream about Annabelle last night. It was horrific. Let me share it with you.

In the dream, I’m in this mostly empty house with my grandma (on my mom’s side) and Annabelle. We are all just standing around when a huge explosion sounds and a giant fireball appears in the distance. We don’t know if this was some sort of nuclear detonation or a volcano erupting, so we (including Annabelle) to go down to the basement just to be safer from whatever was going to start falling from the sky.

So we head down to the basement and I start calling my mom and Nate, trying to get ahold of them to see if they’re safe. No one is answering and I’m getting more and more panicked. Grandma is, of course, making all these snide, sarcastic remarks about my trying to get ahold of people, and I’m yelling at her to shut up because she’s not making things any better (it’s just like in real life!).

Then water starts coming in through the basement’s outside door at quite a rapid rate. All of us try to keep out of the water, climbing halfway up the basement stairs but still not going back upstairs. Then I see that lava is starting to flow in under the door as well. The lava rapidly starts heating up the water to the point that it is too hot to touch. Meanwhile, the water is rising higher and higher, faster and faster. I’m still on the phone, trying to get in touch with my mom and Nate, panicking because I don’t know if they’re safe or if they’re worried about us.

The water keeps rising and is suddenly nearing the very top of the basement. My grandma and I are on the top few stairs and realize we have to get out. I then notice that Annabelle is not with us. She’s on the top of a bookshelf which is rapidly being surrounded by the rising water. She’s not anywhere near the stairs, and there’s no way I can save her.

I start screaming from the top of the stairs, “I’m sorry, Annabelle! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I can’t save you, I love you!” The water keeps rising and rising and I can’t see her anymore, but I know she’s going to drown.

It was the worst dream I’ve had in a while. I hate dreams involving bad things happening to my kitties, and I really hate dreams where I have no control over the bad things that are happening. The only comfort to this dream is knowing that in real life I 100% would have waded through the boiling hot water to try and save Annabelle. No question.

Annabelle (not the movie)

It’s my kitty’s birthday today!

Since she’s all the way back in Moscow and I miss her, I shall spam you with photos. ‘Cause why not.

013 036 039 Annabelle9 Annabelle12

Holiday Vroom

Yay, Christmas with my mom! We hung out upstairs and utilized my dad’s super giant TV to watch YouTube vids and play Geometry Wars.

Look what she got me:


TOWER OF PIMPS SHIRT!!! (Pic is from the RT store ’cause my battery’s almost dead on my iPad and I have no idea where my camera is)

She knows me so well. She also got me a new pot to replace the one that currently provides me with more than my daily allowance of Teflon flakes.

Bonus: Annabelle got catnip and toy mice! She still seemed pretty miffed that we were in her part of the house, though, haha.


At least I’m happy in my dreams (sometimes)

So probably the least experience emotion in my dreams is that of amusement. But last night my brain decided to find the humor in its deep subconscious folds and release it in a very weird dream.

So in this dream there was myself, my cat Annabelle, and this other woman who was like half my mom and half someone else. We’re sitting around in my living room chatting and all of a sudden Annabelle joins into the conversation.

I say “WOOAAHHH, DUDES, how is that cat TALKING?!” like I’m high. Annabelle finds this incredibly hilarious and starts talking and laughing. This makes me laugh, so I start rolling around the floor in a fit of hysterical laughter. My mom/other person hybrid starts laughing too and then says something INCREDIBLY funny (unfortunately I don’t remember what she said now that I’m awake) and the rest of the dream is all of us just laughing like crazy.

I woke up at 4:30 on the floor of my living room crying ‘cause I was laughing so hard.


And so it begins. Again.

Blah, so I got back to Vancouver today.

We had to drug Annabelle for the car ride, but she was still freaking out in her carrier so I had to keep her on my lap the whole time. I guess the drugs made her unable to work her back legs, because at one point she kind of sank down into the gap between the middle seat and my seat with only her head and front paws sticking out. It was pretty cute. I don’t think she remembers any of it.
But yeah, I probably won’t be back to Moscow until summer (if at all, it depends on what I’m doing at that point).
Now we wait around a few days until my mom’s boyfriend gets here and they go sailing for a few weeks. It’s going to be an interesting few days when they’re both here in my apartment.


Today’s song: Rude Boy by Rihanna

Henry David Thoreau, get out of my pool!

Haha, my cat. She just noticed this picture we’ve had sitting on a shelf for over three years. She’s totally staring that kitten down!

Yeah, I have nothing else today. It’s Saturday, people, what do you want from me?!