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So Jazzy is finally free of the dreaded cone. I’ve never seen her so grateful to be able to clean her paws or scratch her ears. We were worried that she would go straight for her wound, but she didn’t. She’s such a good sweet girl.

Edit: pic!

TWSB: And here’s some eye surgery to creep you out for the rest of your life

WARNING: not for the squeamish! Turn back now and don’t watch the video I link to if  eye surgery/surgery in general/eye stabbing/stabbing in general grosses you out or offends you. You’ve been warned!

Anyway, I had no idea this was a thing: an iridectomy is a procedure where surgeons go into a person’s eye and remove part of the iris (the colored ring around the pupil). According to Wikipedia, it’s most commonly performed in the treatment of glaucoma and iris melanoma. Sector iridectomis leave patients with something known as a keyhole pupil, which looks like this:

Total iridectomies, as you would guess, leave patients with NO iris and a GIANT pupil.

This stuff is freaky to me.

In order to freak everyone else out, I found a video of doctors performing a peripheral iridectomy. Again, don’t watch if needles in eyes freaks you out.

I like how they have to waterjet the iris back into the eye.

Actually, I’m surprised at how little info there is on this procedure, at least on the internet. I would think freaky eye stuff would get a lot of attention.

Okay, that’s all.