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Reeeeeeeeeally not having a good month, y’all.

Not good at all.

So I’m going to bring this back, ‘cause I need its hilarity to keep from jumping off the balcony.


More 5 AM madness

Sock, sock, sock, sock, sock, sock, sock, sock

S H O E S ! !


This is one classic YouTube Poop.

Favorite parts:

Oh, internet.


Have some more wonderful Beauty and the Beast YouTube Poop.

Claudia’s Re-Post-a-Palooza

I am BORED and NERVOUS FOR NO REASON, so you get old YouTube videos as my blog for today. I’ve posted the vast majority of these on there at one point or another, but I’m too nervous to think of anything interesting to blog about instead, so there ya go.

That is so old now, holy crap.

Historians around the world agree that that is the most accurate depiction of Hitler. And the way Captain Planet busts through that wall at 3:37 is still hysterical. They show an OPEN WINDOW at 0:59. Why didn’t he just fly through that? It would have hurt a lot less, I can guarantee. “CAPTAIN PLANET, HE’S OUR HERO; GONNA TAKE POLLUTION DOWN TO Z-oh, he’s unconscious after breaking through that wall.”

The rooster noises, oh my god.


Sometimes the Web is deep, man.

What the hell, internet.

Pope! Pope! Pope!

Good lord.

(Sorry, I’m super busy studying for Friday’s test)


YouTube poop, that is.

I love YouTube poop and you can’t stop me. It’s an art form.


I don’t care if no one else who reads this likes YouTube Poop, I do. And this one is fantastic.

(I’ve been obscenely anxious lately; things like this kind of deaden it.)

Oh my goodness, internet.

These. Are. Fantastic.

For any poor soul not familiar with the term “YouTube Poop”, a rough definition from KnowYourMeme describes it as, “[a] video that has been made with appropriated footage and collage editing techniques for the purpose of either annoying or entertaining viewers in the increasingly indifferent world of Youtube.”

These are two of the greatest Poops I’ve ever seen.

“Never ever?”

I was literally on the floor laughing at the Six Flags and the raving. And “BAAAABAAAAAR!”

Haha, sorry. I thought these were fantastic. This is why I want to study the internet.

Damn you, YouTube

For the love of god, someone tell me why I find this so uncannily funny:

YouTube Poop: a post-postmodernism phenomenon or just…well…poop?

2:27-2:31 needs to be a looping .gif.

Also: [insert extreme Metalocalypse love here]

This freaking show asldfjefadjvaoerfnaf.