Claudia’s Re-Post-a-Palooza

I am BORED and NERVOUS FOR NO REASON, so you get old YouTube videos as my blog for today. I’ve posted the vast majority of these on there at one point or another, but I’m too nervous to think of anything interesting to blog about instead, so there ya go.

That is so old now, holy crap.

Historians around the world agree that that is the most accurate depiction of Hitler. And the way Captain Planet busts through that wall at 3:37 is still hysterical. They show an OPEN WINDOW at 0:59. Why didn’t he just fly through that? It would have hurt a lot less, I can guarantee. “CAPTAIN PLANET, HE’S OUR HERO; GONNA TAKE POLLUTION DOWN TO Z-oh, he’s unconscious after breaking through that wall.”

The rooster noises, oh my god.



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