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Weezer, I am not disappoint anymore

A while back I wrote a blog about Weezer’s new cover of Toto’s Africa. My main complaint was about just how bland the cover was. They didn’t seem to put their own flair into it; it sounded almost identical to the original. In my opinion, half the reason for a band to do a cover is to put their own flair on a song.

So when I saw today that Weezer had released their Teal Album, an album of cover songs, I wasn’t really too hyped.

But I listened to their cover of A-ha’s Take On Me, and they do a much better job of giving it the Weezer flair than they did with Africa. It still sounds a lot like the original, but you can definitely tell it’s a different band covering the song.

A lot of the other covers aren’t too bad, but this was my favorite.

So yeah.

A Music

A cover of a pop song? Check. One of the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard at 2:13? Check.

Love it.


This is all I’ve got for today, but really…isn’t this enough?

Literal Translation


This makes me happy. I want a magic frame.

“Band montaaaaaaaage!”