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I shouldn’t be surprised by this, of course, but it’s nice to finally put a name to it.

The aura I get before I have a migraine is called a scintillating scotoma, which is a super cool name for a super crappy experience. What happens is this (this is actually so accurate it’s scary):

Then it spreads to the periphery and then, for me, everything goes black for up to half an hour. However, from what I’ve (hastily) read (over the past few hours), the total blindness thing doesn’t seem to be very common.

That freaking flashing color thing, though…

Ugh, I had a bad dream last night.

Well actually, I had two dreams last night and only one of them was bad.

The first one involved fat dudes and Office Depot. So it wasn’t bad.

The second one, though, involved my eyesight. It started out where I’d be looking at something and then whatever was in my direct line of sight would start to break apart into the visible spectrum like a rainbow halftone print. Then things progressed to where the thing in my direct line of sight would break into the spectrum and then all the color would vanish, leaving me with a greyish blur vaguely reminiscent of whatever object it used to be. Then finally the center of my field of vision was totally gone. It wasn’t black, but it was like a huge blind spot and the only things I could see clearly were at the very edges of my peripheral vision.

Now that I think about it, that’s actually kind of what happens when I have a migraine, though by the time I reach TOTAL BLINDSPOT TAKEOVER I’m usually lying down after chugging a bottle of Excedrin, hoping the pain doesn’t come.

Ha, maybe I had a migraine during my sleep. Can that happen and the person not be aware of it? My migraines don’t last very long, so I probably would have been over it by the time I woke up if that happened.




I posted this quite awhile ago on here, but I’m posting it again ’cause it’s relevant and it gives you an idea of what pre-migraine is like for me. The spazzing rainbow ALWAYS happens right in the center of my field of vision, though, and then everything goes blind spot on me.

“I don’t know where I am, but it’s got good resolution”

Alternate title: “Me + Flight Sims = Bad” (damn you, GoogleEarth! Now I know I can’t fly an F16 from campus to my house without crashing at least 4 times).




I don’t know if I was searching for migraine info or if I found this via StumbleUpon, but this describes and shows pretty much exactly what happens when I have a migraine, which I thought was pretty awesome considering it’s hard to describe being able to see a bunch of flashing colors while simultaneously not being able to really see much of anything. My migraines usually start out with my thumbs tingling, then all my fingers pretty much go numb, then the visual crap starts. Then the death headache that lasts for about a day if I’m lucky enough to take Imitrex early enough in the process, but longer if I don’t. Luckily, I only get about one migraine per year, sometimes two, but with each one I’ve noticed a progressive increase in the loss of vision beforehand, so who knows what that means. Brains are weird.

Also, yay for the early nineties…


Today’s song: Peace (Herves Warehouse Frequencies Remix) by Depeche Mode