“I don’t know where I am, but it’s got good resolution”

Alternate title: “Me + Flight Sims = Bad” (damn you, GoogleEarth! Now I know I can’t fly an F16 from campus to my house without crashing at least 4 times).




I don’t know if I was searching for migraine info or if I found this via StumbleUpon, but this describes and shows pretty much exactly what happens when I have a migraine, which I thought was pretty awesome considering it’s hard to describe being able to see a bunch of flashing colors while simultaneously not being able to really see much of anything. My migraines usually start out with my thumbs tingling, then all my fingers pretty much go numb, then the visual crap starts. Then the death headache that lasts for about a day if I’m lucky enough to take Imitrex early enough in the process, but longer if I don’t. Luckily, I only get about one migraine per year, sometimes two, but with each one I’ve noticed a progressive increase in the loss of vision beforehand, so who knows what that means. Brains are weird.

Also, yay for the early nineties…


Today’s song: Peace (Herves Warehouse Frequencies Remix) by Depeche Mode



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