I shouldn’t be surprised by this, of course, but it’s nice to finally put a name to it.

The aura I get before I have a migraine is called a scintillating scotoma, which is a super cool name for a super crappy experience. What happens is this (this is actually so accurate it’s scary):

Then it spreads to the periphery and then, for me, everything goes black for up to half an hour. However, from what I’ve (hastily) read (over the past few hours), the total blindness thing doesn’t seem to be very common.

That freaking flashing color thing, though…

2 responses

  1. I’m guessing the only thing missing from the video is pain?


    1. Actually (for me at least), the pain doesn’t come until after the aura is over. I never get the headache until my vision returns. Of course, by then I’ve usually taken a bunch of Excedrin, so the actual “migraine headache” part isn’t nearly as bad as the “oh crap I can’t see” part, haha.


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