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Yay, a migraine!

So I was just in the process of typing up some nonsense blather for today’s blog post (because let’s face it, that’s most of what these posts are nowadays) when my vision started going. You know what that means…a migraine!

So I guess that’s what I’m goingt to blog about to day.

(I suspect I’m goingn to have to go back in here and correct a whole bunch of typiocs, considering I CAN’T SEE HALF THE DAMN SCREEN…or maybe I’ll leave ‘em in for that sweet, sweet authentic “blogging while having a migraine aura” experience.
Ya sure, let’s do that.)

These freaking auras are usually the worst part of my migraines, since there’s really nothing I can do about them but wait for them to pass, wich typically means sitting around with partial vision (someotmies no  vision) for twenty to thirty minutes before it starts coming back.

But I guess I’m lucky, because a) the aura lets me know that the actual pain part of the migraine is coming, which allows me to take some Excedrin in time so that b), the actual pain part of the migraine isn’t too bad. I also never get light- or sound-sensitivity and only rarely get nausea, so as far as migraines go, mine aren’t too bad.


A fun exercise: I just scrolled up a few pages to get a nice full page of text and took a screenshot, then put that screenshot into Paint and erased everything I couldn’t see when looking straight ahead at the page. Wanna see?

Supa fun! Right now I don’t have the dancing ring of color around the edge of that “no see” zone, but that always comes later.

(Edit: now I’ve got it! Right on schedule.)

So yhah. I’ve also got spagnetti going and who knows ifI’ll be able to competently drain it and put it on a plate rather than dump the whole thing on the ground. I certainly couldn’t see my Excedrin bottle eclear enough earlier to check if I needed to take one pill or two. I’m preety sure it’s two. I hope it is, ‘cause that’s what I took.


Edit from a few days later: lol, typos. I’m leaving them in.


It’s been a little while since I’ve had a migraine, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve had a migraine as bad as the one I had today.

Lately* my migraines have involved short (10-15 minutes) periods of mild vision loss with either no actual migraine headache following the restoration of vision or a relatively “mild” headache instead.

But today’s migraine was rough. My vision was almost completely gone for half an hour or so and then I got a killer headache afterwards. It was gross. It certainly made it hard to work, haha.

And now I have the post-migraine “fuzzies” where I feel like I’m in a bit of a fog. Not sure if that’s from the migraine itself or the meds, though.

Either way, BLAH.

*I really haven’t had very many lately…three or so in the past few years?

*angry huffing*

So this week has been awful.

But luckily I have a ridiculously incredible fiancé who picked up some super colorful flowers for me on his way home from work today, just because he knows things have gone south for me over the past few days and he wanted to show he cares.

I can’t wait to marry this man.

Two other completely unrelated bits of news:

  1. I had a scintillating scotoma migraine this morning. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those.
  2. I want you all to hear 2016’s first five-star song. It’s incredible.


I shouldn’t be surprised by this, of course, but it’s nice to finally put a name to it.

The aura I get before I have a migraine is called a scintillating scotoma, which is a super cool name for a super crappy experience. What happens is this (this is actually so accurate it’s scary):

Then it spreads to the periphery and then, for me, everything goes black for up to half an hour. However, from what I’ve (hastily) read (over the past few hours), the total blindness thing doesn’t seem to be very common.

That freaking flashing color thing, though…