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*noises of relief*

Hokay. Back in Canada. Everything went smoothly and the remainder of the weekend was grand.

Totally unrelated: I’ve been super motivated to work on Arborhood now that I’ve actually gone back and done a quick re-read of things. I don’t write things in chronological order, especially with NaNoWriMo—whatever I feel like writing on a particular day, I write just below what I’d written the day before—so my first task is to actually organize everything into a somewhat chronological flow. Then I can start writing/rewriting.

But I do like the story. I like my tree characters. I like that it’s vastly better than my two previous NaNos, The President’s Barber and Whistler’s Father. Those were god awful.

Anyway. SCHOOL TOMORROW! *cue flailing*

Edit: And this. This is great.