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Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 8

SO…guess who’s back at the dentist?
(This is the eighth time since the end of May, by the way.)

And today was “let’s try to deal with that problem tooth again!”

I was really, really nervous about it, since it was so resistant to the novocaine last time.

But for whatever reason, everything went a lot better today. Apparently, according to my dentist, this is something that happens with some people. They have a region in their mouth that does not respond to novocaine during one visit, but when they come back sometime later, the novocaine is effective.

So at least it’s not just my mouth being a weird fart.

Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 7

So after the madness that was my dental experience last time, I had to go back today (YAY) to get even more cavities filled on the top left-hand teeth. Unlike the previous visits, during which I trusted the novocaine to numb the pain and thus wasn’t too concerned with the drilling, this time I was really freaking tense the whole way through, because I was afraid that at any minute, the novo would stop working and I would suddenly feel a drill going through my tooth.

But luckily, everything seemed to work out okay this time. Hopefully whatever is going on with that backmost upper tooth is just going on with that tooth and nowhere else.

Party time.

Well that was hellish. (Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 6)

So more dental work today. Today was supposed to just be cavities – not a root canal – so I figured it would be an easier time than the two previous dental visits, right?


I get there and I’m like “k cool let’s do this shit, I’m down with dental nonsense” and they give me two shots of novocaine – one to numb the upper left side of my mouth and one to numb the lower left side of my mouth. My dentist said she was going to do as many cavity fillings as she could in the time we had booked for my appointment, so I guess she wanted both the top and bottom ready (I have cavities in like every single one of my teeth because, as we’ve discussed, I’m an idiot).

So that all goes okay. HGTV is on the TV on the ceiling, so I’m just chilling and watching that while the meds kick in.

Then the dental assistant comes in and says she needs to put in a rubber dam. No big deal; I had that for both root canals.

So she goes to anchor it in my mouth (specifically, on my back upper tooth on the left side) and it HURT LIKE HELL.

Worse than anything involving the root canals ever hurt.
So I kinda freaked out and she took it out.

The dentist gave me another shot of novocaine for the top back row of teeth and they tried it again.

By this time I was really freaking out because I didn’t know why it was so painful this time (I felt absolutely nothing the previous two times), so I got another shot of novocaine and both the dentist and dental assistant left for a bit because they could see that I was starting to panic and wanted to give me a second to calm down.

So did I calm down?

By the time they came back I was in a full-blown panic attack. I was hyperventilating, my fingers were all tingly, I was super light-headed and I was just overall losing my mind.

Luckily, my dentist is awesome. She got a few of those heavy x-ray vests and put them on my chest to try to calm me down. She got the dental assistant to get some cold towels and put them behind my neck and head, then tilted the chair back to help with the light-headedness.

Eventually I stopped freaking out and said I was okay with them trying the whole rubber dam thing again. FIVE MORE SHOTS OF NOVOCAINE LATER (we’re up to nine shots total now), I was still feeling the pain of the clamp on that tooth when they tried to put it on. So they were finally like, “screw it, we’ll just work on the bottom teeth today” and they put the dam on the lower teeth (I didn’t feel it at all) and did four cavity fillings before my appointment time was finally up.

So yeah, super fun.

Oh, also? Calgary got put under a tornado watch as I was walking home and I got caught in a serious rain/hail storm that soaked through my shoes, socks, pants, shirt, and backpack.

Freaking party time.

Edit: I didn’t know how these rubber dam things were actually anchored in the mouth until I looked it up a few days later. It must have been that clamp thingy that hurt so badly.

Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 5

AYYYYYYYYYYYY another root canal today!


Also, every time I go to the dentist, I can’t help but think of this clip from Metalocalypse:

That whole episode with Nathan’s teeth was disturbing as hell, haha.

Take care of your teeth, children

Or else this will happen.

Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 4

More cavities filled today, because man I really destroyed my teeth, huh?

I’m glad for the pain. I deserve the pain for being so stupid.

Also, the cavity fillings hurt more than the root canal. What the hell, pain receptors.

Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 3

So today was my third visit to the dentist and the goal was to just get a basic teeth cleaning, but my teeth are SO DAMN SENSITIVE AND DAMAGED that we could barely get through the lower teeth (with a hell of a lot of bleeding).

Once they started working on the top teeth, I couldn’t handle the sensitivity, so the dentist said that she might have to deal with the cavities in those upper teeth before I could get the cleaning finished.

So that’s fun.

On the good side, though, my lower teeth are SUPER CLEAN. They haven’t been this clean in like a decade. Wild.

Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 2

Today I had a ROOT CANAL!

It…actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I had a different dentist this time (though she was really good as well). She tried to root canal the broken tooth but said that it was so weak that it wouldn’t support the root canal, so she sawed off whatever was left and now I have a weird tooth gap in the side of my mouth and a funky-feeling little empty gum socket (the tooth is still in there beneath the gum line, but I can only feel a little spike of it sticking out). She was able to do the root canal on the other tooth, though, so that’s good. Now I either need a tooth implant or a bridge where the missing tooth once was.

But yeah, not too bad. I was mostly nervous about 1) getting the novocaine, since that required needles in my gums, and 2) the pain after the procedure was done. But the needles only stung a little bit and the pain I had in the afternoon wasn’t bad at all, either. The only real side effect I had was some SUPER BAD SHAKING as the novocaine set in, but apparently that’s normal.

In fact, the root canal pain was less severe than the normal pain my mouth has been in for the past year or so. Which I guess tells you a good deal about the level of pain my mouth has been in for the past year or so.

Hell, I did 15 miles on my treadmill when I got home after the procedure.


The next step? Getting an actual dental cleaning, since it’s been like 12 years since that’s happened.

Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 1

I went to the dentist today for the first time since 2006 (when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, which I guess technically wasn’t at the dentist because it was a surgery but whatevs).

I was fully prepared for the dentist to take a look at my teeth and say that they were beyond saving and BEST GET ‘EM ALL YANKED OUT!

But that did not happen. He looked at the offending broken tooth, took a few x-rays of it, and said that it would need a root canal (or, more specifically, two root canals).

That’s it.

He said the rest of my teeth, at least on the surface, looked good and didn’t all need to be ripped out. He said he’s seen much worse before. He was funny and nice and the complete opposite of pretty much every medical professional I ever had to deal with in Moscow.

But yeah, next Tuesday (not this upcoming one) is ROOT CANAL TIME, which will be an interesting experience considering I’ve never even gotten a cavity filled before.

I’ll keep you updated.

(As if you care.)

Uh Oh

Heyyyyyyyyyy so three guesses as to what this thing is:

Give up? It’s a piece of my freaking tooth. It just broke off while I was having a waffle this afternoon (not even a well-cooked waffle; I put the toaster at like its lowest level ‘cause I like soggy gross food).

There was no blood or anything and as far as I can tell, the root isn’t exposed. But that’s a pretty decent piece of tooth to lose.

So I had to call a dentist and I have an appointment for Sunday to see what needs to be done about what remains of that tooth.

That’s going to be super fun – especially the part where I’ll have to explain exactly why my teeth are so bad and the fact that I haven’t seen a dentist since high school.



My teeth are a fucking disaster zone. They’re super sensitive to cold (and heat, but less so than cold) and my gums always hurt. They also bleed like hell every time I brush my teeth. Like…lots of blood.

This is entirely my own fault; I used to have really good teeth. I fucked ‘em up. I’ll explain how in a later blog (assuming I get the courage to post it), but yeah.

I’m screwed.