Claudia’s Dental Saga: Episode 1

I went to the dentist today for the first time since 2006 (when I had my wisdom teeth taken out, which I guess technically wasn’t at the dentist because it was a surgery but whatevs).

I was fully prepared for the dentist to take a look at my teeth and say that they were beyond saving and BEST GET ‘EM ALL YANKED OUT!

But that did not happen. He looked at the offending broken tooth, took a few x-rays of it, and said that it would need a root canal (or, more specifically, two root canals).

That’s it.

He said the rest of my teeth, at least on the surface, looked good and didn’t all need to be ripped out. He said he’s seen much worse before. He was funny and nice and the complete opposite of pretty much every medical professional I ever had to deal with in Moscow.

But yeah, next Tuesday (not this upcoming one) is ROOT CANAL TIME, which will be an interesting experience considering I’ve never even gotten a cavity filled before.

I’ll keep you updated.

(As if you care.)

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