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So today was supposed to be pretty crappy, because while my flight from Lewiston got into Seattle around 10 this morning, my flight from Seattle to Calgary is supposed to leave tomorrow around 11. I was originally planning on just hanging out in the airport and getting some work done (and not sleeping), since there weren’t any other really good options.

And really, that’s not terrible. SeaTac is a pretty great airport. Lots of places to wander if I got bored, that giant food court thing with the ceiling-high windows, and a decent number of places to sit. I figured if I could find an outlet to camp at, I’d be fine.


I learned that because my flights were more than 17 hours apart (I think that was the cutoff time?), my checked luggage would only go through to Seattle. I’d have to pick it up there and the re-check it in closer to my flight to Calgary.

And on the plane from Lewiston to Seattle, I realized what this would probably mean: the baggage claim area is not in the cool part of the airport. It’s in the tiny basement thing that’s 70% luggage carousels, 20% luggage hauling SeaTac dudes (baggage bros?), and 10% benches that are taken up by sleeping families.

And since I had to claim my bag, that meant leaving the airport part of the airport and going down there. And staying there for ~24 hours.

Noooooooot as fun.

So I call my mom and we figure out there’s a hotel like right across the street (literally, it turns out), so I pack up my crap and head over there (and feel really stupid taking the bus shuttle because it is, literally, right across the street from SeaTac).

Picture? Picture!



Got Subway, worked on stuff for classes, and watched crappy Seattle TV all night.

‘Twas much more enjoyable than the SeaTac airport could have been.

The Wright Brothers didn’t have this much trouble getting off the ground

I don’t know what it is about trying to fly the Moscow-Calgary route, but there always seems to be some sort of drama getting to the intended destination.


You’d think there would have been no issue getting to Moscow today, right? I mean yeah, it’s December, but according to my mom, the weather in Moscow/Pullman is decent.


Nate and I spent approximately 13 hours in the Calgary airport last night, then took a 6 AM flight to Seattle. We hung out in Sea-Tac for a few hours, assuming everything would be fine for us to get to Moscow. But once we got to the gate, the announcers were basically saying, “yeah, we’re going to give it a shot, but the weather at Moscow/Pullman is crappy, so we might have to turn around once we get there and fly back to Seattle.”

My reaction to this was to almost have a brain aneurysm (remember this nonsense?), but we declined the offer to take a later flight (recall: we’d spent 13 hours in Calgary’s airport and weren’t too thrilled about another DAY in an airport) and got on the plane.

Luckily, the pilot got on the intercom thingy once we were close to the ‘Scow and let us know we could land. Most of the passengers applauded, haha.

So yeah, I don’t know what it is, but the Moscow-Calgary route is cursed.

Now it’s time to pass out from too much traveling.

Claudia’s Airplane Adventures

Okay. Story time.

So at about 3 this morning, Nate drove me to the Calgary airport so that I could fly out to Seattle at 6 (he got me there so early because he has to work on Monday and I don’t want him to get super sleep-deprived staying up all night with me). I hung out in the airport and we flew into Seattle no problem. There was a little bit of a haze in Seattle, but no rain, so I was happy about that.

For once I only had about a 1.5 hour layover there, so I found my gate and just worked on Prime on my laptop. About half an hour before we started boarding, the lady at the gate announced that the Moscow/Pullman airport was basically drowning in smoke, but that the smoke was supposed to burn off by the time we were supposed to get there. That was a little worrying, but I figured that’s what would happen and that we would be able to land.


We circled above Moscow/Pullman until we had just enough fuel to fly ALL THE WAY BACK TO SEATTLE because we couldn’t land. Once we’re back at Sea-Tac, the stewardesses informed us to all go to the Alaska Airlines help desk just across from our arrival gate to see about getting rebooked for a flight.

Well, since school starts tomorrow, the flight was full of frantic students who were desperate to get to Moscow or Pullman in time for classes the next day. A lot of them were foreign to the U.S. and were freaking out because the help desk ladies were telling them they might have to fly them to Spokane instead and most of them had no idea where that was and no way of getting transportation to Moscow/Pullman on a Sunday. They were also saying that the Spokane-bound flights for the rest of the day were booked up and they would have to fly in the next day instead.

That would have been my fate as well, but luckily I had texted my mom before we left for Moscow/Pullman and told her we might not be able to land. When we didn’t show up at Moscow/Pullman, she called my dad, who has like extra-super-VIP status with Alaska because of all the flying he does. He managed to call the airline while we were heading back to Seattle and he got me the last seat on a slightly later flight to Spokane.

So I flew to Spokane and my mom drove up to meet me and take me back to Moscow. And here I am.

And holy hell is it smoky here.


If I were to rank the places I’ve been in terms of how much time I’ve spent there, it would go as follows:

  1. Moscow, ID
  2. Vancouver, BC
  3. London, ON
  4. SeaTac International Airport

Seriously. 99% of the time I fly, I have to fly through Seattle. 99% of those times, my layover is 3+  hours. Today, it was about 4 ½. It’s cool, though. I like that airport. They’ve got these awesome rocking chairs in the main food court thingy and they face a huge window looking out at all the runways/planes. They also rotate the artwork exhibits that are in the terminal hallways quite often, and they’re always pretty great.


I’m headed to Moscow! I’m actually in SeaTac right now; I’ll be home in three hours or so. Our old gang needs to get together and “party” in the basement.

And now I’m going to work on some stats stuff. I slacked off majorly and didn’t start my Stats Weekly posts at the beginning of the year (for various reasons); I’ll try to get it up for the midpoint of the year.