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Six month anniversary!

Holy crap, Nate and I have been married for six months today!

I know that’s nowhere near a “long time,” but for someone who never thought they’d get married because they never thought they could meet someone who they could completely accept and could feel completely comfortable around, six months is a long time.

I hope it’s the start of a very, very long marriage.

I love you, Nate.

Nate is the BEST

So today marks two years since Nate and I met in person, and do you want to know what he did?

These ran all the way up the stairs to our condo (we’re the only ones that use that set of stairs) to a note on the door saying how happy he was that we were together and how he wanted to be with me for the rest of my life.

Do I have an amazing husband or what?

I have no idea what I did to deserve him, but I’m so glad to have him.


Guess who just got married?!

(Technically I’m writing this on the 1st, since I didn’t want to spend our wedding night blogging, but I’m totally counting it as my July 31st blog post. Fight me.)

It was a very wonderful day. The weather was being iffy, so we decided to just have the ceremony at the hotel rather than at the park as originally planned, but I think it was better this way. No hauling families to and from the park, no burning sun and/or thunderous storms, no people wandering through the ceremony while playing Pokemon Go.

The ceremony itself was awesome. My dad was super nervous walking me down the aisle, but he managed my veil without incident and didn’t pass out. Yay for dad!

The reception was nice, too. We had really good sorbet and super chocolatey wedding cake, then got a bunch of cool presents (and a whole ton of money).

Then Nate and I spent the night at the Kensington Riverside Inn, courtesy of my mom. It was super fancy.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be married to such an amazing person. We are just right for each other, and I’m excited about spending the rest of our lives together.

(Wedding pictures will be posted on here once we get them from the photographer.)

*angry huffing*

So this week has been awful.

But luckily I have a ridiculously incredible fiancé who picked up some super colorful flowers for me on his way home from work today, just because he knows things have gone south for me over the past few days and he wanted to show he cares.

I can’t wait to marry this man.

Two other completely unrelated bits of news:

  1. I had a scintillating scotoma migraine this morning. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those.
  2. I want you all to hear 2016’s first five-star song. It’s incredible.


I’d just like to use today’s post to wish the love of my life a happy birthday. You are an amazing and wonderful person.

(And hopefully I’ll get this blog posted before your NEXT birthday, haha.)

Calgary Adventures

So guess who walked 20.5 miles today?


image (1)

We went down to the southern end of the C-Train because we wanted to see just how far south we could walk in one stretch. Turns out it’s pretty far. This is (approximately) our route. That Dairy Queen was our destination.


YAY! I’ll be doing my “one year in Calgary” walking stats in about a month, so stay tuned!

Also, this. You can buy individual colors/flavors of candy. Do you know how dangerous that is?